Photos of Mets stuff in the Yankees Museum

Some more photos from Peter.  These are from the museum at Fake New Yankee Stadium* and you can find Peter’s full gallery here.

So I was thinking about FNYS.  Is it better than…..

Citi Field?  Nope.

Citizens Bank?  Nope.

Fenway?  Nope.

Wrigley?  Nope.

Camden?  Nope.

Dodger?  Nope.

Anaheim?  Nope.

Anyone want to add to the list?

iPads welcome at Citi Field

Over the weekend I mentioned iPads are not welcome at Yankee Stadium. As you may know, the terrorists two chief weapons are iPads and bags.  And caps.

Three, three chief weapons: iPads, bags, and caps.  And suntan lotion.  Four, four weapons….

Meanwhile in a friendlier atmosphere:

“We not only welcome Yankee fans but we welcome them to bring their iPads,” explained Goldberg. “As long as the device can be turned on and checked by security the iPad can be bought into the park.”

That from a Mets rep.  More here.

The Mets also don’t make me remove my cap before entering the building, understand that I might have a bag with me, and realize that in 2010 many people have cellphones.

More ridiculous Yankee Stadium security: no iPads

Trying to get into Yankee Stadium is one of the most amazing experiences you’ll ever have.

Yankee Stadium security can be quite entertaining.  They make you remove your cap when you enter.  As you may have heard, baseball cap bombs are one of the major threats to our society.  I mean, why would anyone wear a cap to a ballgame unless they were up to something.    That knife you hid in your sock?  Don’t worry about that – please remove your cap sir.

There was the great suntan lotion ban from a few years ago.   How many stadiums needed to be destroyed by suntan lotion villains before the Yankees had the courage to put a stop to it?

Sometimes they kind of allow bags, and sometimes they don’t.   Big League Stew has let us all know about yet another item that is not allowed in Yankee Stadium. iPads.

Stew points out that the TSA doesn’t even make you take an ipad out of a bag if you want to bring it on an airplane.

By Yankee Stadium I mean the fake new one where all the true Yankees like A-Rod play.

For your convenience, the rules are below:

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The New York City Stadium Museum Wars

Well, I don’t know if there is a war or not, but here’s how I rate the battle of Stadium Muesums.

2009:  Yankees better than Mets.   Of course the Mets didn’t have one.

2010:  Mets way way better than Yankees 2009.  To be fair I didn’t go in the museum during my only Fake Stadium appearance of the season.

Peter did visit and found this…

Looks like the NYY’s are trying to up their game.  Since I like visiting both museums, I am going to try to flame this museum war I made up.

For more pictures of Peter’s trip, including pictures of those pesky World Series trophies the Yankees have earned…here’s a photo gallery.

That ends today’s walk on the wild side.  We now resume our normal complaining about the black uniforms, and whatever else I uncover on twitter.

A note from the Save Yankee Stadium Gate 2 folks

I was in favor of the efforts to save Yankee Stadium Gate 2.  This morning I found this email in my inbox:

Dear Gate 2 Supporters,

Here’s a note similar to what we’ve posted on our website:

Gate 2 at old Yankee Stadium was demolished on March 31, 2010.  On an overcast and cold day at 12:11 PM, four cables pulled down this historic landmark.  It crashed to the ground with a loud thud and small cloud of dust.

The politicians and officials of the City of New York have repeated the mistakes of the past.  Yankee Stadium joins the ranks of other great New York landmarks totally destroyed.  Ebbets Field, the Polo Grounds, Penn Station, and now the “The House that Ruth Built”. Gone without a trace.  Another icon of American history has been lost to future generations.  But unlike the past, this time they acted with full knowledge of the history that would be lost.  This time they “knew better,” were offered a viable alternative, but still proceeded with complete demolition anyway.  This time there is no excuse.

A bit of good news that we became aware of last Friday is that the City/Parks Dept. has decided to salvage two of the decorative balconies from Gate 2 that were largely intact after the Gate was toppled.  They have not yet determined if these balconies will be placed in the new Heritage Field (the park that will be built on the site of old Yankee Stadium) or elsewhere.

But those of us at the Save the Yankee Gate 2 Committee express our deepest gratitude to you for having supported us in this cause. All of your efforts encouraged us greatly during this past year.  They are very much appreciated.