Mets Lunchbox Day moved to 8pm start by ESPN

ESPN has moved the Sunday August 15th game to an 8pm start.

It is lunchbox day. If you are a parent who picked that game because of the giveaway that’s really annoying.

This is not the Mets’ fault, however the customer is always right.

I propose the Mets offer that anyone who can’t attend the 8pm game be able to swap their tickets for a game later in the season, AND the Mets will hold a lunchbox aside for them.

I bet very few people would actually avail themselves of this, but it would be a smart PR move. Much smarter than announcing Omar will definitely be back on a day when the record is at .500

Keep a few fans happy, it’s not like the place is sold out.

Credit to Craig Carton and WFAN for mentioning this this morning. Perhaps in the future a radio host will mention where he read something when he finds inspiration on the Internet.

Oh, ESPN confirms reports that today is Friday.

3 Replies to “Mets Lunchbox Day moved to 8pm start by ESPN”

  1. “Oh, ESPN confirms reports that today is Friday.” but the forgot to credit the New York Times for that story.

    I think Jon Miller asked for this so that he could say Bel-TRON and Joe Morgan can get Jerry Manuel confused with Charlie Manuel. I can’t see any other reason for ESPN selecting this game.

  2. There might be some contractual language that prevents the Mets from holding the lunchboxes, but there’s no reason I can think of to keep the Mets from letting people swap tickets for a game they could actually attend.

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