I want Wally. Do you?

OK Mets fans…it will be really easy to sit here at the end of the 2014 season and play “I told you so.”

Today I am asking you a very simple question.

Do you want Wally Backman to be the next manager of the Mets?

Decide right now, much like ownership will have to.   If Wally gets hired and wins it will be really easy to root for this guy…and if not, it will be really easy to complain that they should have hired Bobby Valentine.

Decide now.   There’s a poll up on the main page.

I want Wally.  September 3, 2010 I declare I want Wally.  Bookmark the post and rub it in my face if they finish 30 back.

First the bad (via ESPN):

Backman was arrested in 2001 after a fight at his home involving his wife and one of her friends in Prineville, Ore. He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment and was sentenced to 12 months’ probation, ordered to undergo an anger management evaluation and donate $1,000 to the local Boys and Girls Club.

He was arrested, and later convicted, on a driving under the influence charge in Kennewick, Wash., in 2000…… Backman has also had financial problems, filing for bankruptcy several years ago.

We know Backman is fiery.  The entire organization could use a kick in the pants.  Maybe yelling at people and kicking dirt doesn’t actually win games but it sure would tickle my brain.

He’s a connection to 1986.   He has a ring.   There’s an awful lot of Mets current and alumni without a championship.   Talk to the hand, it has a ring on it.

He’s been in Brooklyn all year.   For what I can tell he has kept out of trouble.

He will be a media lightning-rod.   Don’t underestimate that part of the equation.   If the Mets throw “Bob Melvin” in there, all eyes are upstairs.  If they throw Wally out there all eyes are on the field and unless he hands in a 57 win season 2011 is a free pass.   Imagine if “Bob Melvin” goes 70-92 how the fans would react.

This is like the scene late in the Battlestar Galactica series.  Adama drew a line down the middle of the hangar deck and asked everyone to take a stand.

If you want Wally join me over here on this side.  So say we all.

15 Replies to “I want Wally. Do you?”

  1. I wouldn’t be upset with him. I want the Mets do conduct a thorough interview process though, and that includes Pitching/Hitting coach questions.

    I want the guy to be smart and innovative, not married to any ‘book’ or ‘stat’ or ‘gut’. Adaptable.

    I think my preference is Valentine, but I really don’t care. The Manager is not a huge deal, as long as he’s not woefully inept like the current edition, so someone that will interface with Captain Wright and is capable of running a team sanely will do.

    1. hold up Maggie….. quick question for you;

      what’s the issue regarding the electrical tape over the lip disguise that you need to ‘get over’? It was hilarity personified.

      It’s my opinion that ppl that were hung up on that need to remove stick from rectum. And if you still are ‘hung up ‘ on that 11 years later–well, I’m afraid no suggestion will help.

        1. You made me LOL…. I’m sorry Maggie… i must have written this bitter commentary before my first cuppa of the morning. I agree w/ you, sticks and rectums SHOULD never cross pathes!


  2. I don’t want Wally… at least not yet.

    The past few offseasons, the Mets have identified one glaring problem with the previous team. Ace pitcher. Closer. Power hitter. They addressed those problems by grabbing a solution that would win them back-page headlines and (hopefully) season ticket sales.

    They didn’t put enough thought behind the moves, and they didn’t really turn out as well as we hoped.

    Wally Backman might be the best choice to manage the Mets in 2011, but the Mets should conduct a full search after deciding exactly what they want in a manager. I will be annoyed if Wally gets hired the day after the season ends.

  3. I agree w/ Paul on this one. Wally’s fire would be A tonic, but the Mets’ ills are too numerous to address by simply hiring Backman. A rebuilt job is in order, not a lipstick on a pig job that we’ve been getting for the past decade.

  4. I’m all for Backman. The Mets can and should conduct a search and get the best man for the job, but I don’t see them finding someone that 1) meets the particular needs of the team better than Backman and 2) they have half a chance at hiring.

    And let’s be honest; even if he does tank, he’s going to do it with entertainment value.

    I’m also all for Valentine as GM, but that ain’t gonna happen.

  5. I agree with Sparks – I like Backman, and I wholeheartedly agree that “even if he does tank, he’s going to do it with entertainment value.” Jerry is so BO-RING. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzz As a fan, I want to be entertained, and if you can’t get the team to make things exciting and interesting, then I think the manager should pick up the slack. LOL

  6. Am I in the minority when I confess I wish we could climb aboard the ‘way back machine’ to hire a circa 1995 Lou Piniella? Think of all flying bases we could be witnessing!!!

  7. Right… we need to hire a man who needed anger management courses after a two year stint where we had two organizational embarrassments centered on anger issues?

    and I appreciate the brooklyn success, but seeing as that the organization gave the team several overaged prospects, shouldn’t we expect that team to win?

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