Poll: Man Up and Play Better

I’ve closed out the “2011 Slogan” Contest and “Man Up And Play Better” has taken the prize with 48% of the vote.

I think it’s exactly what this team needs to do and it is simply stated.  Man Up.  Play Better.

Who better to lead such folks than Wally Backman (and bench coach Carlos Pena)?

Now…can I get any of you photoshoppers to make an image with Wally and the new slogan so we can plaster it all over the internet?

2 Replies to “Poll: Man Up and Play Better”

  1. It’s an inspired slogan, for certain. But a bit inaccurate.
    If we consider Frankie’s freeloading, FIL undoubtedly speaks pigeon english our 2011 slogan should read:

    Mein up & pley beitter.

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