Sandy Answers Our Tweeted Questions

Is Sandy Alderson reading Mets Police?

(Hi Sandy – loved the tie today)

Yesterday afternoon prior to the press conference the Mets tweeted:

What do you want to ask Sandy? Send us your questions and we’ll pick a few for Sandy to answer today

I know a lot of people responded, including yours truly as well as Shannon.  Tonight, the Mets sent out an email with a video link of Sandy answering selected questions tweeted by fans.

He answered 3 questions – 2 of them were ours

You can see the full video here, but let’s look at the questions we submitted

My question to Sandy – Do you feel that there are any untouchable players in the organization should the opportunity for a trade present itself?

Hi response was basically no.  There are players whose cost would be very high, others that they would not shop, and core “fan favorites” – “but in terns of having truly untouchables, the answer is we don’t have any”

Shannon’s question was the final one – I would like to know if you would consider winning the NL but not the World Series to be a successful year?

Shannon must be doing cartwheels over this answer – “…it would be foolish not to acknowledge that there had been something accomplished, but ultimately that’s not the goal, and from personal experience, nobody’s happy going home number 2”

What can we get from this?  I think a lot.  Nobody is untouchable – so if the right deal presents itself that makes baseball sense, he will do it (and I believe he’s got the cajones to pull it off too).  But most importantly, a competitive team is not the goal – winning the World Series is the goal.

And just in case Sandy really does read Mets Police – Sandy, Day 1 was good and you made at least me smile.  I’m looking forward to Day 2.

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  1. If a team loses the world series, they really don’t come home Number 2. After all, how can that team be sure they’re any better than any of the other teams the Champions defeated?

    Often times it’s about matchups, which is why the playoff process is a bit distorted. It’s not as though it’s a new season and each team plays all the other teams. Which is why, imo, more attention should be given to division champions for their accomplishments over a 162 game schedule. The playoffs are exciting, but due to the matchups, are also partially a matter of pure luck.

    I wish someone from Mets Police (given this web site’s history) would ask Sandy whether the interminable combinations of uniforms and the use of black in the pinstripe uniform for example, bespeak a complete lack of organization and aesthetics. The Mets are tone deaf. Shouldn’t that change? The ‘small vocal fanbase’ which wants to remedy the uniform situation can be satisfied by changes which would allow the team to continue using black:

    1) a single away uniform
    2) a single home uniform
    3) a single alternate uniform. If it’s black and the hat is black, fine, but not in the other uniforms.

    I think most fans and consumers would be satisfied with this compromise. Instead, the Mets disregard their most passionate fan base.

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