Open Letter to Mets Fans on this Banner Day

This is the second of two open letters that will post today.

Dear Mets fan,

Our long wait is over. Banner Day is back!

For a decade and a half our franchise lost its way and forgot its roots. All sorts of marketing gimmicks were tried. Some worked for a while, but in the end the fanbase retreated to you and I. The diehards.

It took four-plus years of encouragement, but the Mets have returned our finest tradition, Banner Day.

We need you to be there.

I know it’s Memorial Day weekend. You can go to the beach on Saturday and Monday. You can show up late to your friend’s BBQ. You don’t even have to stay for the game.

We need you to march in this parade.

We need Dave and Jeff to see that YOU care. I’ve walked this one up to the line, I cannot take it any further on my own.

For those of you mad at the Wilpons, buy a ticket. You will not hurt them by staying home, you will hurt us. An empty park will discourage the progress we’ve made. A full park will encourage our finest tradition to last more than one year.

If you’re only going to one game all year make it this one. If you planned to go to no games this year take a second and think about what you’re fighting for and what you’re mad about. Show up at this one game.

Make a sign.

Go to the store and buy some poster board and a marker. Or use an old bed sheet. Your sign doesn’t need to be a masterpiece. Let’s Go Mets is fine.

This is a day of celebration.

If your sign is negative then stay home. You can use twitter to get your anger out. That’s not what this day is for.

This is literally a parade. March and celebrate. At some point in the past 50 years I bet Seaver or Piazza or Wright made you happy. Honor them with your presence and relive your happy memory. Make a banner.

I hope you will join me as I pass this fine tradition along to the next generation. See you Sunday. No excuses.

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