Said it before…I am convinced the Mets are actually scripted television (Captain America)

david wright wbc road jerseyI have waxed poetic before about showrunners Greg Prince and Jason Fry and their unending ability to create new story lines on my favorite television show Mets.

As I blogged about in the Season 49-51 episode recaps the writers have been masterful.  The Jose Reyes arc.  The nearly unbelievable R.A. Dickey storyline (really, the guy climbs a mountain and then wins the Cy Young and THEN gets traded…come on.)

So far it looked like they were going to lead Season 52 with the Santana arc.  It made sense.  They had set up the actor’s series departure by giving him a major storyline in the no-hitter…and then started S52e01 with the Mets giving the guy crap for little to no reason.  Typical TV where the man’s exit is telegraphed.

But no.  Prince and Fry are so much better.  They head-faked us and made us drop our guard with the Captain America storyline.

They set us up to fall in love with David Wright again.  They got us to start watch some silly made up moneygrab tournament  They got us to buy the merch.

Then last night at 7pm they dropped the bomb.  David had been scratched.  And now a cliff-hanger.  Another day of bloggers and tweeters randomly speculating and hanging on every morsel of information from the infamous Mets medical staff.

Well done Prince and Fry.  You have done it again.  I look forward to the next episode.