The Mets Viking is real and has a website

Whenever someone asks me about blogging I always suggest to do your own thing.  Don’t try to be MetsBlog or MetsPolice or a second t-shirt manufacturer.

While I don’t think Mets Viking has nailed his proverbial voice yet, I like the potential of this.  Thanks to Eric for the assist.

4 Replies to “The Mets Viking is real and has a website”

  1. It looks like he learned his mic skills from watching pro wrestling. Be the gimmick and cut the promos. I like it.

    “Made my skil CRAAAAAAAAAAAAWL to see that game get out of hand!”

  2. Dude! I saw you all the way on the West Coast! I luved it. You caught my attention when I saw you at the game and now I saw this bit. Frickin Awesome! I need a hat like yours!

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