5 Replies to “@QBC14 (Queens Baseball Convention) Announcement”

  1. Disappointed. It sounded like you guys were working on something great like a true fan fest type thing that offer teams do before the season starts. Now it just seems like a large gathering in a bar. Doesn’t seem like a convention seems like a let’s get together and drink. I wouldn’t be able to attend that day anyway, but it would’ve taken a lot more than that to get me to schlep out there from Bay Ridge.

    1. Brian it’s not just a get together to drink. The events for the day have yet to be announced. You are jumping the gun with your assumptions

      1. Maybe I am jumping the gun. but if you’re trying to have an event for the whole family and for people to bring their kids song a bar isn’t the ideal choice of venue. I guess I’ll wait to see the full plans before truly judging it.

  2. By the fans for the fans and this fan is excited. Thanks for your efforts to get something going for us in the winter to get excited for another year of Mets baseball.
    Nice video by Keith btw. Well done!

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