Mets Police Morning Laziness: NFL starts great game at crazy early time of 6:30pm ET to the detriment of West Coast baseball fans

SLACKISH REACTION:  Well those were two really entertaining football games!

I don’t know how any of you sit through a game in real-time.  I started the first game around 5 on DVR, and then during the Patriots game I had to take two breaks to let my buffer fill back up.

I also imagine the ratings were terrible because of the crazy early 6:30pm start.  We know from FOX and MLB that the World Series must be played after 8pm Eastern or there is no way for West Coast Fans to watch.

Some people seem to miss the sarcasm in the above point.  The ratings for that game are going to be phenomenal and the OT game was over at like 10:15pm.   Why Baseball is so dug in on the 13% of West Coast fans while sacrificing the east coast makes no sense to me.

Anyway it was a great afternoon of DVR-Sports.   And the George Martin documentary on Amazon Prime.

There is no Mets news.

NOT LINKING:  The AAIMBR is doing “bullpen predictions.”  There can’t actually be anyone who finds that interesting, can there?