The M-5 Computer. Will this guy manage the Mets? No

Yesterday I told you of my dream of a 67 year old chain-smoking old school manager.

Today, it’s @ceetar’s dream, the artificial intelligence.

The M-5 (M for Mets, and 5 in honor of Davey Jonson who first brought computers to the Mets’ manager office) has all the data and can run simulations for every pitch in the blink of an eye.  Every single detail of the game is dialed down to the math. No more hunches, no more feel.  The computer is pure logic, optimized for every situation.

This is what the people in charge of baseball want…so let’s go all in and get rid of the human.   A decent AI can probably simulate an answer to a Gelbs question anyway.

Unfortunately, the marketing department is not ready to sell “Come see our computer out manage the humans!” just yet.  Give it another few years.

Will the M-5 manage the Mets? No.

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