Will Vulgar Pete Alonso make the 2023 All Star Team?

We know Vulgar Pete will make the Home Run Derby, and we understand baseball likes power hitters….but how many 1B can the National League take?  Look I can hear you already buy let’s look at the choices..

You millennials started with the OPS nonsense.  I was perfectly fine with HRs and RBIs in which case Pete is obviously the NL MVP…but you guys decided OPS was the way so….

Paul Goldschmidt is the reigning MVP and has a better OPS.  No brainer.

Freddie Freeman, 4 digit OPS. No brainer.

Do you take a look at Matt Olson, or are there other Braves to be taken so he loses out.

How many good Reds are there?  (Answer NOT MANY)  Does Spencer Steer make it?  Mayyyybe?

My guess is they take three 1Bs, and Vulgar Pete gets to play the 8th inning and bat once.