Loyal Til The Last Out? Steve Cohen’s Mets have lost the die-hards

It was a very nice day out yesterday.  A Saturday, most people are off on Sunday.  And yet…

That’s the section of a group that self-describes as “die hard” fans.  Loyal Til The Last Out and such..  Well, looks like half of them ate their tickets rather than Die Hard.  Or maybe they ARE loyal to the last out, but not so much the first out (check the scoreboard in the screenshots)

It’s sad.  This was a group that has been get 1000 people to visit another city, and now half of them can’t be bothered to go to Flushing to use tickets they likely already paid for.

This is your product Steve.  Your 4th place product.  The one that chose to tank  this summer.  The one that builds around and markets Lindor, who let the fans know what he thinks of them.  A team built around Pete Alonso who sometimes hits HRs but doesn’t even have the most home runs by a 1B in his own division.  A team built on the premise that “once the Wilpons are gone…” about to go through yet another iteration of New Culture with the newest front office savior.

Money and luck will fix most of that.  But you’ve lost people.  And the younger millennials and Gen-Z do not care about this sport.

Those photos should scare the hell out of you Steve – well not YOU, you have more money than you know what to with – but Baseball in general.   It’s dying before your eyes.

Steve will Steinbrenner (George, not Hal) this in the off-season.  He’ll extend Pete and name him Captain to please the idiots who don’t understand how to win at baseball.  He’ll sign someone for a lot of money.  We’ll have a New Culture, built to win just now but in the future.

Been there, done that.

The Die Hards have left the building.   I left too.  Haven’t been to Flushing since David Wright’s final game.  I watched two games this season (games 1 and 2) and don’t even get SNY in my home now.    I’m not sue why you guys are marketing out there, but I have lost interest in most of it.

Good luck with your plan Steve.