Mets totally first choice manager Carlos Mendoza steps in GKR-Gate

I had mentioned the other day during my recap that it sounded like Mets Totally First Choice Manager Carlos Mendoza had never heard of Gary, Keith and Ron.   Awful Announcing has a VERY interesting take…

The sentiment was nice, but Mendoza’s delivery was curious, having to look down at his notes three times while reading the short sentence. It gave the appearance that the line was fed to Mendoza by the Mets, begging the question, does the new manager even know who Gary, Keith and Ron are? Wednesday morning, WFAN’s Gregg Giannotti offered new insight into Mendoza’s curious delivery. According to Giannotti, the line was likely fed to Mendoza by the Mets, but it’s not because he doesn’t know who the broadcasters are, it’s because there’s some animosity between the announcers and players. (via Awful Announcing)

Giannotti was speaking on an old 20th century technology known as radio, which is like a podcast but one that you can’t listen to when you want, and comes with 20 minutes of commercials every hour.  It’s amazing to me that anyone even heard this fleeting conversation.  Anyway, he said, ““I have heard, I have been told, that Gary, Keith and Ron over the last number of years are never down talking to the players anymore,”

In the past Keith has mentioned he uses WFAN and the newspaper as his prep.  Way to work hard there Keith.  I have no idea what Ron does, although he seems very prepared, whereas Keith does seem like he just shows up at 7:09.  Gary – well, his vibe is that you’re lucky that he even graces you with his presence, you should be so lucky as to have Gary call a game..

Mr. Gianotti’s premise does not sound crazy to me.  After all, Gary somehow thought Daniel Murphy was a Net Negative despite watching the man play almost every day.

That said, I really have no idea.  I haven’t been in the building since David Wright’s last game, and my cable provider doesn’t even offer SNY and I wouldn’t watch it if they did, after all, baseball is boring and broken.

Back to you Gare.