Blogs In Mets Survey

The Mets have been really cool with bloggers this year. Will sent over this survey from the Flushing Flash e-mail that he go this morning.

One of the questions was if you read blogs. The question right after it was which blogs do you read.

Niese Like Pitching Efforts Remembered

Hey gang. Media Goon here filling in for Shannon while he is wearing his road grays this week.

Here is something from Mark Simon of Mets Blog on ESPN NY.

In looking back on Jonathon Niese’s one-baserunner shutout last Thursday night, we thought it would be appropriate to survey those who follow the Mets most, and ask them “What is your all-time favorite Mets pitching performance?”

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Oh yeah, Shannon has a favorite NON SEAVER (Can you believe it?) pitching performance that he mentions in the article.

Mets Player Designed Jerseys

I guess I was right. Shannon posted a pic maybe a week or two ago of some weird looking Mets jerseys.

There was a one with Reyes’ picture on it, one that said frenchy, and one Bat with a maple leaf. Here was a pic that was posted on twitter today from NewYorkMets.

No rumors about the Mets wearing the black Reyes one just to annoy Shannon.

Mets Show Appreciation for Season Ticket Holders

First of all, I got to Citi a 12:20 and missed out on the beach towels. Oh well, what can you do?

Before the game, the Mets had season ticket holders stand at the eight starters positions to meet the players. It ranged from one person to a family of four waiting out there for the players.

I watched a father and his young son in right field just having a good time till the players came out. I think the Mets might have made a couple of life long fans today.

In my opinion I think its a pretty cool way for the Mets to show their appreciation.