Mets Show Appreciation for Season Ticket Holders

First of all, I got to Citi a 12:20 and missed out on the beach towels. Oh well, what can you do?

Before the game, the Mets had season ticket holders stand at the eight starters positions to meet the players. It ranged from one person to a family of four waiting out there for the players.

I watched a father and his young son in right field just having a good time till the players came out. I think the Mets might have made a couple of life long fans today.

In my opinion I think its a pretty cool way for the Mets to show their appreciation.

5 Replies to “Mets Show Appreciation for Season Ticket Holders”

  1. They’ve done that every weekend game this season. Started at end of last year.

  2. I totally thought of this site when I saw them do that on Sunday (since you always have great posts about what the mets do/don’t do for their ticket holders). I thought it was fantastic! Plus the guy who they let say “Play Ball” has the same name as my husband, so I thought that was pretty hilarious.
    Also, you should have come in thru the right field gate…we walked in there at about 12:10 and there were beach towels aplenty!

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