Mets Gift for Plan Holders..from 2021???

This must have been delivered to me by Marty McFly…To me this looks like something the Mercury Mets might have given out.I actually think this gift is so out of the box in thinking that its awesome in a “WHAT?” kinda way…Click the picture to get a better look at it….

Thank you Mets Ticket Office

Shannon can attest to this. I had to no matter what move my seats this season.   I had moved my seats from the 500’s to the 400’s before this season because I wanted an upgrade.

The new seats I got were in section 403, which is a little past first base and into right field. I loved the view and I even got the approval from Shannon that they were nice seats.

That was until the people who were seated next to me show up. They proceed to tell me they have the 15 game plan too. My eyes proceeded to bug out of my head and then shook my head. Shannon proceeded to tell me good luck with my seats for the season.  These people weren’t lowlifes or bad people but lets just say they have issues.   The issues proceeded to go from bad to worse during that game.

I wrote to my ticket rep to let him know about the problem and that I would try again this past Sunday to see maybe that couple was having a bad night.   Much to my dismay it was not just Wednesday night.   I could not last past two innings with this couple sitting next to me.

I went to go find the guys who sell the ticket plans in the promenade are to ask for some help.  The two guys were very helpful took down my info and said they would tell my ticket rep for me on Monday.  One even went over to my section with me and stated that they needed to get me out of there pronto.   So, I sent out an email to my ticket rep as a back up last night and he got back to me almost first thing this morning.   He was able to move me and told me he felt bad for my situation and was all apologies.

I have to again say how great the customer service the Mets have.  They always get right back to me and even when I just have emailed them to thank them for the good customer service they call me back to thank me for my email. I have to give my ticket rep and everyone that I have dealt with at the stadium an A+ grade for all the help they have been to me.

Pictures of the return of Jose Reyes

I was lucky enough to score some field level seats today. I felt kind hearted and generous, so I took Shannon with me. It was a nice day at the park and Reyes got a good reception. There was less booing of the team today. Perez was looking pretty good. Reyes I think was trying to hard. I still have a good feeling. There really is nothing like a day game at the park. Enjoy these pics guys.

The Breakdown of Society (This is just about fans)

I know this blog is usually about the Mets and when they drop the ball on something or have black jerseys on for 90 percent of the games they play.

Having said this, I really need to get this off my chest right away. I am neither an old fogey or a young buck.   I am going to be 34 this month.   I have never got the whole point of tagging(graffiti).

The Mets realized they did not give their fans the things to make Citi Field to be feel like it was the home of the New York Mets.   So, they corrected it in the offseason and made the ballpark look great.

From the Mets Museum to the pictures in the walkways. Even the painted stairwells being painted blue and orange. This leads me to one of my points.

As I was walking down one of the stairwells with Shannon, I saw someone’s need to feel validated.   A graffiti “tag” on the freshly painted wall. And no it wasn’t Doc Gooden.

I mean seriously after all the complaining we did as Mets fans to get the Wilpons to make Citi Field feel like our Mets home, someone does this?

It is just awful.

The disrespect people have in this city for other people’s and public properties is unbelievable.

As a Mets fan and as a New Yorker, I want to apologize to the Mets organization for this troglodyte’s need to feel validated.
My second point is will fans please learn how to boo and jeer correctly?

People were booing ball ones. They were booing strike ones. This is just not Mets fans either. I remember growing up we booed “villains” on other teams. We booed the headhunters in hockey. We booed the guys who said something against our team or our city. We didn’t boo when somebody took strike one.

People were booing Mejia during his first appearance in a Major League game. Did he do well? No. But there was no need to boo him. Great way to make sure his confidence doesn’t get shaky people. I think I might boo the really loud obnoxious woman sitting behind me tonight next week because of her lame comments and her booing. “BOO….You suck…You call that heckling? Your a bum!!! They should get rid of you!! Maybe send you down to hecklers triple A…Booooo” .

I really do not remember this being as bad as this when I was a kid and a teenager. Maybe I am getting older and cranky. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

Mets Respond to My Praise of Tweeks

Yesterday, I got a call from the Mets because I emailed them telling them how the stadium looks great and this year it feels like the home of the Mets.

They called me to thank me for my feedback and they were glad they were able to make Citi Field feel more like the Mets home and know that they should have done it last year. Can not beat their response times.