Thank you Mets Ticket Office

Shannon can attest to this. I had to no matter what move my seats this season.   I had moved my seats from the 500’s to the 400’s before this season because I wanted an upgrade.

The new seats I got were in section 403, which is a little past first base and into right field. I loved the view and I even got the approval from Shannon that they were nice seats.

That was until the people who were seated next to me show up. They proceed to tell me they have the 15 game plan too. My eyes proceeded to bug out of my head and then shook my head. Shannon proceeded to tell me good luck with my seats for the season.  These people weren’t lowlifes or bad people but lets just say they have issues.   The issues proceeded to go from bad to worse during that game.

I wrote to my ticket rep to let him know about the problem and that I would try again this past Sunday to see maybe that couple was having a bad night.   Much to my dismay it was not just Wednesday night.   I could not last past two innings with this couple sitting next to me.

I went to go find the guys who sell the ticket plans in the promenade are to ask for some help.  The two guys were very helpful took down my info and said they would tell my ticket rep for me on Monday.  One even went over to my section with me and stated that they needed to get me out of there pronto.   So, I sent out an email to my ticket rep as a back up last night and he got back to me almost first thing this morning.   He was able to move me and told me he felt bad for my situation and was all apologies.

I have to again say how great the customer service the Mets have.  They always get right back to me and even when I just have emailed them to thank them for the good customer service they call me back to thank me for my email. I have to give my ticket rep and everyone that I have dealt with at the stadium an A+ grade for all the help they have been to me.

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  1. at least they get some things right. I have been meaning to e-mail shannon about my fiasco on Opening Day. I hopped on the train on my way to the game with the tickets in my pocket. I got to roosevelt avenue and had to transfer. Checked my pocket and the tickets were gone. I was so upset with myself and possibly whoever had pick-pocketed me. Went home and called the Mets ticket office. They told me to come straight to the office with my ID and any info I had and they will replace the ticket. I had given my other ticket to my father-in-law so i had to find out which seat he had and they replaced my ticket for just a $5 fee.

    I had been so upset that I could have ruined my chances at opening day. Thanks to the Mets they made sure there were no problems. They do deserve praise for things from time to time. I just wish some of those times would be for the on the field/personnel moves

    1. @bpalm That’s a nice story – will spin off into a post but not tonight. I intented to not blog at all and got sucked in for an hour.

      Was tweaking the uniforms post for the morning and noticed something I said a year ago that is inconsistent with what i have been saying for the past week. You guys should bust my chops in a friendly way. I think Shannon ’09 is an idiot.

  2. They got $5 from you. If they genuinely cared, they would have done it for nothing. In this case, they made you happy and made $5 + concessions. If they let it go without helping you, they risked not getting the $5 and losing out on concession money as well.

    So what was that $5 for? Probably the same scam as the print at home use your own ink and paper and pay more money for the favor!

    Don’t get me wrong I’m glad you’re happy and made out well, but I don’t call that customer service or caring about your fans.

  3. I didn’t get charged anything to move. The other thing is last year I had a problem with a parking attendant at one of the lots and I contacted the office about it and they gave me free parking the next game. Just think about this, if bpalm lost his ticket 10 yrs ago he would be out of luck. it was his fault that the ticket disappeared not the Mets. 5 dollars is nothing to replace a ticket. think of it like insurance on your phone. you have to pay something to get a new one. the print at home thing is ridiculous though

  4. I would say the $5 was well worth it…yea they got the money out of it but they also needed to cancel the ticket that i lost in case whoever came up with it tried to enter the stadium with a stolen ticket. Perhaps there are some add ons to their ticket system which costs more money. I don’t know but it isn’t as if they were trying to charge me for a new ticket and there were plenty of other people who were in the office with me getting their tickets reprinted. Most of the other people were getting their tickets for free. I wasn’t down for making up some excuse to get the ticket for free because i just wanted my ticket and wanted to get in the stadium.

    I am not going to complain about a $5 fee because the worse case scenario was i ended up not getting into the stadium and eating a $70 ticket

  5. Make no mistake print at home is the biggest scam but people do it so they can get away with it. There is the protection of not having to hope and pray your tickets dont get stolen in the mail. I have had this happened to friends so i can understand the convenience of printing at home but refuse to give them more money

  6. Hey, I agree with you that the $5 was well worth it to you. But on the back end the $5 was well worth it to them as well. They made about a 2000% markup on the deal, not bad for 10 seconds of work.

  7. The Mets will waive that $5 fee if you provide a police report.

    You can scoff at the $5 charge but they probably have it in place to discourage people from using them as a ticket printing/will call service

  8. Also, I’ll have a story to share later over on my blog about the great service I’ve received. I’ll link here when its posted.

  9. The ticket office has always been great to me. When I moved sections this year they were very helpful. On top of that they had me come down in January to sit in my seats to make sure the view was what I wanted and the glass wasn’t in my way. Keep in mind I only have a 15 game plan.

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