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I’m so so excited about the press release that came up yesterday which details the new Mets-related items coming to Citi Field in 2010…and that’s really the top story of the week.  I’ve written some comments about that and those will go live at 10am.

Before we dive into the recap of this week’s most popular articles, a word about blogging.  I’m increasingly seeing the mainstream media digging at blogs.   So let me explain this particular site.   I claim no expertise.  I do not claim anything on here to be news.  It’s a fan-site.  I’m a Mets fan like you.  Some days I’m happy, some days sad, some days mad.   I don’t have Jerry’s cellphone number, I’m not in the locker room every day, I don’t have access to scouting reports.  Just a fan.  A fan that sits in the upper deck and knows that I can’t see the left fielder. A fan who thinks blue letters on a black shirt don’t look good.   That’s all.  This is entertainment, and I hope some folks enjoy it.   So if later today I write the Mets should trade Johan Santana for Jim Fregosi and someone in a newspaper wants to say I’m dumb and uniformed…go for it.

On the flip-side, on a day like today I feel like a dopey blogger like myself actually does make a difference.  Maybe I don’t know too much about John Lackey’s injury potential….but complaining about a lack of player banners does matter.

Now that my rant is done, some good stuff is coming up this week.  The three-part Mets Turkeys series kicks off tomorrow, and Tuesday there’s a great guest article with some fan-created uniform ideas.  Along the way I will continue to past more fan responses to the Five Questions For Average Mets fans which was the lead story this week. Here’s this week’s recap:

Wally Backman is back.  Here’s the press release and here’s a video Wally made.

Dan’s photos of the 1986 Tickertape parade.

Here’s a new Buffalo Bisons commercial.   The Bisons organization still has not given me the courtesy of even writing back to decline the request for a credential.  At least write back guys.

The 2010 Mets ticket prices broken down by gold, silver, admantium, and lego.

The Daily News had a great Gooden article.

Good job by Beltran visiting veterans.

Most of us agree the Twins did a great job with their new uniforms.   The Royals have new alt-caps.  Should the Mets wear blue? Metsblog says we’ll see the new uniforms very soon.  Worst ever are the Mercury Mets.

The Jets seem desperate to sell seats.  The Giants are a bit itchy too.

I’d lose it if the Mets did what the Nets did.

It was a great week for the off-season, welcome to all the new folks who have discovered the site!  Thanks everyone!

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What Phillies Rivalry?

Some Mets fan friends and I have been talking about this all week:
what is this made up rivalry we have with the Phillies?

Nobody said two words about this team until 3 seasons ago. It's not
like Jimmy Rollins rolled into town and swept a 4 game series to end
the season. Willie and the boys couldn't beat the Marlins and
Nationals and somewhere off in America the Phillies played baseball.

Remember your hatred of the 80 Phils? 83? 93? Of course not.

I could see hating whoever fleeced us for Dykstra and McDowell but
that's like hating the Rays.

2008 was the same thing, just with smaller numbers. How about winning
sone games those last few weeks?

2009? Our biggest rival was the training staff.

I thought it was the Braves we hated. Nobody talks about the Braves
these days.

Maybe it is the Pirates. Didn't we hate them for a while? Anybody
still hate Jim Leyland?

The Cardinals? Yeah they gave us reason to hate them. They messed
up 1985 by beating us head to head and I still think September 11th
1987 might be the moat crushing loss in Mets history. That team
battled through injuries all year and the Mets had clawed back to one
game back with Dwight Gooden starting the next day. Then Terry
Pendleton hit a shocking home run to win the Friday game and Doc stunk
on Saturday. Damn you Cardinals!

Didn't we hate the Cubs? Something about a black cat? That was
before my time but I do remember Cubs-busters in 1984 when the Mets
decided to stop stinking but unfortunately so did the stinky Cubs.

Didn't we want to fistfight the Reds and that jerk Pete Rose and that
other jerk Eric Davis years later?

There is no Philies rivalry. They just happen to be the most recent
first place team. They are not our Red Sox. I even almost starting
rooting for them when I saw Jay-Z last night but the. I saw Pedro and
switched back. Nice job by the way Pedro. I would've gotten you
out after 4.

As I look back on the list of rivals I picture enemies Vince Coleman,
Bonby Bonilla and Tom Glavine all winding up in New York and
disliked. Years from now someone like Chase Utley will come to The
Mets and stink up the joint. It's what always happens, isn't it?

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New York Magazine Asks: Is This The Worst New York Mets Season Ever? The Answer is Yes.

You’ll enjoy this article…and while you can read their own conclusion, I’m going to soul search myself.

Let’s see, top of mind…..

1962:   you’d have to argue for a 120 loss team, but I guess in comparison it was better than your team moving 3,000 miles away…so I would argue that 1957 would have been worse for an NL fan…and I bet Dodgers fans loved 1959, but I digress.

1977:  hey Mets fans, we traded everyone away!   As I mentioned in a few articles, at least you had hope that Zachry, Henderson and Flynn would amount to something, and on paper that Seaver trade wasn’t as bad as it looks now.

1978-82 pick one:   the good old days of the upper deck being closed, Lee Mazzilli and a scrub pitcher named Mike Scott.  Awful but it’s what I grew up with so I didn’t really feel the pain.

1987:  Really annoying, but much like this year the injuries explained away a lot.  The Terry Pendleton game is still my most painful Mets memory…but at least Gooden is pitching tomorrow, right?

Any Bonilla/Kent/Coleman year you wanna pick:   You kids think these years were awful, but the 70’s were worse, and so is 2009.

Nope, the answer is yes, 2009 is the worst Mets season ever.   Let’s back it up to March 1st and remember where we were:

– we have a brand new stadium, this is gonna be awesome, I’m gonna make a mint on stubhub!
– we would have won last year if we had a bullpen, but now we do – World Series here we come!

That’s it.   I’m done letting the injuries explain away everything….let’s compare last night’s team to the team that will take the field on April 5, 2010:

                           9/18/09                                  4/5/10
1B:                 Dan Murphy                             Dan Murphy
2B:                  Castillo                                      Castillo
SS:                  Valdez                                       Reyes
3B:                  Wright                                       Wright
LF:                   Pagan                             New All Star Superstar
CF:                  Beltran                                      Beltran
RF:                  Francoeur                                 Francoeur
C:                    Schneider                                  Warm Body

Not really all that different, so I hope the three starting pitchers we need to go along with Superstar LFer are named Young, Seaver and Maddux.

Oh and a catcher.

So yeah, this is the worst season ever – and the GM and the manager are coming back….and they may raise ticket prices…..and the Yankees might open their new stadium with a World Series.  Welcome to hell.

In case you are wondering, 38,063 “attended” last night’s game in 55 degree weather against the Nationals on Rosh Hashana.

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The Dodgers Broke The New York Mets Backs Tonight

I'm jumping the gun here assuming a 9 run rally isn't coming but 2009
is over.

I heard it in Howie's voice.

This is our team. No help is coming.

You know it and I know it.


We didn't even make it to the all star break.

Bad Ollie better not show up tomorrow or there will be a boofest like
the third coming of Bonilla.

Even on June 16th, 1977 there was hope. You had a new lefty, starting
second baseman and a supposed stud outfielder. In 2009 we don't even
have hope.

Good luck with that 2010 marketing plan Jeff. Call me if you need me.

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