Most Popular Articles On Mets Police (January 3)

Man it’s cold out there this morning.  Good luck if you’re heading off to see the Jets lose tonight.  Stay warm.

For the newer readers, every Sunday I post a recap of what was popular over the last week, and sprinkle in a few that I think deserved more readers.  

First some other stuff:

Wow, there’s so much content waiting to be published.   You’ve been great about sending things in.  Between those submissions, Osh41 actually opening his uniform closet, Dan scanning his scorecards, Frank investigatig the Tug McGraw mystery (check the comments here) and in theory the Mets will announce Jason Bay this week – I already have like 7 articles a day ready to fire, which is actually too many.  Imagine if the Mets actually played a game.  Thanks to everyone for the support, it has been Amazin’

Since y’all have Google and I like to be honest, you may accidentally discover Shannon’s Other Blog.   Here’s the deal – I’m trying to familiarize myself with different software.  Mets Police works off the Blogger system, and everyone says WordPress is better for blogs.   So before I go all-in and move Mets Police over to WP, possibly destroying everything, I want to mess around with WP a little.  No need for the WP fans to tell me the difference between .com and .org, got it, I’m just messing around.   I’m not pushing the other site, but there may be a few odds and ends over there (some Jets thoughts today) some days but not all and not like over here.  We’ll see where life takes it.  I’m also increasingly aware I start too many sentences with “so” and need to break that habit.

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Coming up this week:

  • I ask David Howard out on a man-date.
  • A suggestion the Mets offer 7-packs that incorporates the Blue Cap Army (join now, it’s silly and free).
  • A ton of Mets pennants
  • The 1978 Yearbook
  • and whatever else happens in Flushing.

On to the links…

This Tug McGraw jersey that Mitchell & Ness is selling has us all bothered.   Why are the numbers so big?  Why is a #56 jersey?  I’m going to reach out to UniWatch to see what they know.

Here’s my 1986 Pennants

Dan’s pictures of the 1986 Tickertape Parade

The 1982 Yearbook (Part 1) and (Part 2)

In 1962 Casey Stengel displayed Mets uniforms that would have had Mets underlined.

362 days until the Mets start paying Bonilla $1m a year.  Really.

Check out Wrigley Field with the upper deck closed.  Remind anyone of Shea around 1979?

A look back at Mets Police articles from the two years (aka holiday filler):

Always popular:

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Most Popular Articles On Mets Police (December 13)

I’m back from my trip and suffering through just an awful slate of NFL games…after this borefest of a Jets game Fox thinks anyone wants to watch Raiders-Redskins, and I know there’s a ton of Dallas fans but every Cowboys game they’ve shown in NYC this season has been a snoosefest.   So it’s a good rainy day to get back in the swing of things out in Flushing.

It was hard to be away from the site for even 48 hours, and I hope the generic stuff kept you company.  Welcome to all the new folks who have stopped by and I hope you stick around.  If you’re a new fan I will answer every email ( and appreciate any leads or guest submissions.

I see the Mets have decided to go after Bay and not do anything with Lackey until that’s settled.   Is there not enough money for two players, or can the execs only focus on one thing at a time?  Is it that Bay will help Ollie Perez win games 10-9, so we don’t need a pitcher?   What happened to pitching and defense?

Teasers:  I plan to comment on the Mets’ response to Dan’s letter tomorrow, and I’ll also comment on many of the emails that came in – some wondering why a question wasn’t asked, and some asking further questions of the Mets Police.   Jimmy the Met fan sent over some pictures from his Citi Field tour, so we’ll check those out this week – and I took some pictures of Wrigley Field in the winter where will comment sarcastically about their new-fangled statue technology.

The response from the Mets is a must read, and was our far and away #1 article this week, andwith that let’s take a look at the other popular items from the week….

Dan’s original letter is here.

Also mentioned in the letter were obstructed views.   I’m not talking about not being able to see the left fielder (which is a major topic) I’m talking about not being able to see anything.   Dave Howard click here to see videos of obstructed views or these pictures in the compilation of obstructed views at Citi Field

Bobby Bonilla will make $1 million dollars a year from the Mets from 2011-2035 according to this.  It probably actually makes sense on the balance sheet, but still…

There will be new Mets batting practice caps in 2010 and they might look like this.

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Most Popular Articles On Mets Police (December 6th)

A big week ahead…..we’ll know much more about our 2010 Mets, but in the meantime let’s take a look back at last week’s most popular articles.

Now that the season ticket renewal deadline has passed (why so early?) I wonder how it changes the business model, if at all.

Who is your all-’00s Mets starting lineup?

Wish we had MetsFest.

Before you roll your eyes and curse me, read Why I renewed my Phillies Tickets

Here’s a letter from a Mets fan to the ticket office

Here’s a tale of Good Customer Service from the Mets

My “Hall of Garvey” Ballot

Tom Seaver in a new film about baseball in Alaska

Video of Tom Seaver’s first Mets game

Wouldn’t it rock if teams showed their stirrups?

I want this Lee Mazzilli poster.

Some fun Mr. Met videos but of course us older Mets fans remember the Real Mr. Met not the current version.

Chris Coste seems to hate the Mets but here’s a video of him

I like this Phillies ballgirl contest.

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Bobby Bonilla’s annuity 2011-2035

This came up yesterday but always worth torturing Mets fans with…from Espn.   In case you forgot or blocked this out…

Bobby Bonilla, New York Mets
The Mets are still paying for the mistake of signing Bobby Bonilla in 1992 … and they will be for a long time. Bonilla struck a deal with the team in 2000 in which it purchased an annuity rather than pay him the remaining $5.9 million of deferred money that he was owed. So every July 1 from 2011 to 2035, Bonilla will receive $1.19 million, with the total payments adding up to nearly $30 million.

2035.   Twenty thirty five.   When the Mets honor the 2010 champions with their 25th anniversary, when 53 year old David Wright throws out the first pitch on Opening Day, when the Mets finally give in and erect a statue of Tom Seaver….Bobby Bonilla will be getting $1.19 million.

I’m confident the economics of doing it this way make sense but……Twenty…. thirty…. five.

That $19 hot dog that Mets Police Junior will buy Mets Police the Third…..Bonilla gets a cut.


By the way, I hope they plan on doing something ‘next year’ for the 50th anniversary of 1986.  Never too early to start nagging the Wilpon Dynasty.

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Mets Sign Bonilla (In 1991)

From the time machine…December 3, 1991

Published: December 3, 1991
The Mets, with a flair for the dramatic and an unprecedented expenditure of cash, signed free agent Bobby Bonilla last night to a huge contract that made him the highest-paid player in team sports. The deal is a guaranteed package for five years and is worth $29 million. The Mets will pay Bonilla $27.5 million in base salary, as well as $1.5 million in a promotional arrangement. So the player who helped lead the Pittsburgh Pirates to consecutive National League East titles in 1990 and 1991 will reap an annual wage of $5.8 million.
But wait, it gets better…let me know if any of the below sounds familiar

In recent seasons, too many Mets have acted as if they were serving a jail sentence in Shea Stadium instead of playing baseball there for millions of dollars and millions of spectators.
All those fans booing if they struck out or threw a home-run pitch. All those notebooks, microphones and cameras just asking questions that fans would ask if they had the opportunity. All those headlines. All those pressures that New York seems to generate, more so than most major league cities…..
….Now the Mets must retool their roster, with an emphasis on stabilizing the pitching rotation.
The latter from this Times article on Dec 4th
In 1992 Bonilla hit .249 as the Mets went 72 and 90.
Bonilla hit 34 home runs in 1993 and the Mets went….wait for it….59 and 103.

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