Yet even more Yankee Stadium deconstruction pictures

Here’s one last set of Yankee Stadium photos, these were taken by my buddy.  He must have had his camera on super-setting which makes it a large file, which slows down the blog (yes I shrunk it) so I’ll just share the best and that should just about wrap it up for Yankee Stadium Demolition pics for the rest of the century.

In the interest of not slowing down the main page, you’ll find the pictures after the jump:
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Most Popular on Mets Police (March 28)

Wow what a week..and for those who are new to the free daily email subscriptions, some of these you may not have seen.

The big story was that a fanbrick was placed outside Citi Field that incorrectly listed Sid Fernandez as “earning the win.” The Mets have quickly removed the brick. Great job!

Here are some pictures of some other new historical fanwalk squares.

A fellow blog posted these great pictures of Citi Field modifications. Definitely check it out.

The ‘Ropolitans posted a video of Banner Day.

A guard told a fan that the Hall of Fame may not be ready for Opening Day. It’s unconfirmed and I trust my source, but hopefully the guard is mistaken.

The Mets have introduced gluten-free and vegetarian foods.

I am sad about Dwight Gooden

Yankee Stadium Demolition pictures: 14 of them, 14 more and a video.

I bought the 1983 style Tom Seaver jersey.

If you’re new, this regularly gets clicked: It might make financial sense, but it sure is annoying to think Bobby Bonilla will get $1 million a year from the Mets from 2011-2035.

Pictures from the 1986 Tickertape Parade

From last fall, the Mets respond to a letter from The Mets Police