The New York City Stadium Museum Wars

Well, I don’t know if there is a war or not, but here’s how I rate the battle of Stadium Muesums.

2009:  Yankees better than Mets.   Of course the Mets didn’t have one.

2010:  Mets way way better than Yankees 2009.  To be fair I didn’t go in the museum during my only Fake Stadium appearance of the season.

Peter did visit and found this…

Looks like the NYY’s are trying to up their game.  Since I like visiting both museums, I am going to try to flame this museum war I made up.

For more pictures of Peter’s trip, including pictures of those pesky World Series trophies the Yankees have earned…here’s a photo gallery.

That ends today’s walk on the wild side.  We now resume our normal complaining about the black uniforms, and whatever else I uncover on twitter.

2 Replies to “The New York City Stadium Museum Wars”

  1. You have to weight on size obviously. I had no interest in goign to the Yankees museum either time I was there last year. The line was partially responsible. Location is definitely better at Citi.

    Yankees museum felt like it was in a dark corner down a ramp.

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