Mets Respond to My Praise of Tweeks

Yesterday, I got a call from the Mets because I emailed them telling them how the stadium looks great and this year it feels like the home of the Mets.

They called me to thank me for my feedback and they were glad they were able to make Citi Field feel more like the Mets home and know that they should have done it last year. Can not beat their response times.

Pics from The Mets Sunday Workout 4/4/10

I met up with Shannon on Sunday for the workout day at Citi Field. Considering how the pics he takes usual come out, I decided to give some extra coverage of the new stuff at the ballpark. I have to say Shannon did a good job covering the new museum and additional “tweeks” to then HOME of the Mets.Yeah I know it was the home of the Mets last year but it did not feel like it. Now do not get me wrong, I liked Citi Field last year. The only thing was that it could have been any stadium in any city USA. Now with everything the organization did to “Mets” up the place worked. Walking into the museum I was blown away by just everything in it. I was expecting the Mets to not put a lot of effort in it. I was wrong. And I am glad I was. I was so impressed by everything that I had seen throughout the park that I even emailed the Mets to say they did a great job.This is part 1. Click pics for larger view.

13 Pictures of the new Citi Field fanwalk history squares

Media Goon got sick and tired of my lousy photography so he got in the Goonmobile and headed out to Citi Field – he took some great shots and I’m going to split them into two parts.  Today I thought we’d look at the fanwalk since these weren’t covered in that awesome set that made the rounds the other day.

I haven’t fact checked them yet.  If you missed yesterday, at least one is incorrect.

More from Media Goon’s trip tomorrow!

I’m “known” for killing the Mets about not honoring team history.  Let me say loud and proud, good job!

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