Tom wins statistical unprobability of the day

An email from Tom:

Marty Noble mentions today (on that yesterday’s Met sweep of the Dodgers was only the second time in team history, over 21 doubleheaders against L.A., that the Mets won both games.  The only other time this happened was on August 28, 1971, a day I described in Where the Angels Bow to the Grass, a book about growing up in Astoria.

That night (5:35 PM start. As I recall), I went with my dad.  Seaver won the first game, 9-2 and in game two, it was 1-1 going to the bottom of the ninth.

My father, who never did any predicting, except for this one occasion, called Cleon Jones’ two out game winning homer, before the inning started.  I was a big Jones fan, so he was no doubt saying it for my benefit, but when it actually happened a few moments later, that night became one of the moments in my childhood (I was 10) that made baseball so special to me.

I wonder if anyone else who was there last night – as I was – was also at Shea for the only other sweep of the Dodgers, on August 28, 1971?


Speaking of that game, the cool blog Centerfield Maz (which I haven’t plugged in a while) wrote about the 1971 doubleheader.  Maz runs a great blog even though he spelled McCartney wrong, and believe me he knows how Sir Paul spells his name.

Fast customer service from the Mets

On Monday, I posted how I was able to switch my ticket plan seats from their original location due to some issues beyond my control.

I happened to be working in Queens that day, near my house and Citi Field. When I talked to my ticket rep he asked me if I could send my unused tickets to him. I told him I was near the stadium and I could drop off the book in person.

My rep was totally cool with that. I dropped off the ticket book during lunchtime so I didn’t get to meet him in person, but I dropped it off with the front desk. The person at the desk told me that I should get my tickets within a week to 10 days.

Today I received my new tickets. I was shocked they came so quickly. I didn’t receive new book of tickets but box office printed loose tickets.

The cool thing though is that even though I didn’t get ticket book, they sent all the essential pages and cover that are in it.   That includes the rules, clubs, and the map.

Pictures of the return of Jose Reyes

I was lucky enough to score some field level seats today. I felt kind hearted and generous, so I took Shannon with me. It was a nice day at the park and Reyes got a good reception. There was less booing of the team today. Perez was looking pretty good. Reyes I think was trying to hard. I still have a good feeling. There really is nothing like a day game at the park. Enjoy these pics guys.

The Breakdown of Society (This is just about fans)

I know this blog is usually about the Mets and when they drop the ball on something or have black jerseys on for 90 percent of the games they play.

Having said this, I really need to get this off my chest right away. I am neither an old fogey or a young buck.   I am going to be 34 this month.   I have never got the whole point of tagging(graffiti).

The Mets realized they did not give their fans the things to make Citi Field to be feel like it was the home of the New York Mets.   So, they corrected it in the offseason and made the ballpark look great.

From the Mets Museum to the pictures in the walkways. Even the painted stairwells being painted blue and orange. This leads me to one of my points.

As I was walking down one of the stairwells with Shannon, I saw someone’s need to feel validated.   A graffiti “tag” on the freshly painted wall. And no it wasn’t Doc Gooden.

I mean seriously after all the complaining we did as Mets fans to get the Wilpons to make Citi Field feel like our Mets home, someone does this?

It is just awful.

The disrespect people have in this city for other people’s and public properties is unbelievable.

As a Mets fan and as a New Yorker, I want to apologize to the Mets organization for this troglodyte’s need to feel validated.
My second point is will fans please learn how to boo and jeer correctly?

People were booing ball ones. They were booing strike ones. This is just not Mets fans either. I remember growing up we booed “villains” on other teams. We booed the headhunters in hockey. We booed the guys who said something against our team or our city. We didn’t boo when somebody took strike one.

People were booing Mejia during his first appearance in a Major League game. Did he do well? No. But there was no need to boo him. Great way to make sure his confidence doesn’t get shaky people. I think I might boo the really loud obnoxious woman sitting behind me tonight next week because of her lame comments and her booing. “BOO….You suck…You call that heckling? Your a bum!!! They should get rid of you!! Maybe send you down to hecklers triple A…Booooo” .

I really do not remember this being as bad as this when I was a kid and a teenager. Maybe I am getting older and cranky. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.