Fantastic pictures of Citi Field modifications (links)

Big thanks to Ceetar for pointing this out!

Check out this thread:

and this cool photobucket

If you like what I do here, immediately leave my site and click those links (and then come back to discuss).  Very cool.  The color photos of our recent Mets heroes look great, as do the “history” modifications to the fan walk.

Johnql who posted the pics – I don’t know how to reach you but I’d like to share more.  Here’s one to wet your whistle...go check em out!, this is just a very small taste.  Great job by the Mets.

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  1. awesome pictures getting me pumped to go to opening day.

    Is it me or does it seem that the Mets always wait till the last minute to start construction on things? I mean the excuse for the Mets hall of fame/museum not being ready last year was that they ran out of time yet if I am not mistaken there was a pretty big store in the space the HOF/museum is going to be in this year. Now u see pictures of McFaddens and lets be honest, it looks bare bones and as if construction just started. I mean the season is 2 weeks away what were they doing since Cerrone and all other blogs started writing about this new place?

    The additions to the fanwalk, the player banners and the hodges and stengal entrances are welcome additions but i just wonder if there are any additions on the inside that make it seem more like the mets play there

  2. Pictures of the removed tab in front of the Apple too and the uniform 10’10” wall.

    They also moved the lineup cards to the top of the Rotunda escalators.

    I think the Museum has been being worked on, but it does seem a bit late to get the bar done.

  3. The plaques in the middle of the fanwalk are all exciting moments, but somehow, they point out to me just how few real important winning moments there have been. Scoring all those late runs to beat Sh*tlanta was great, but it’s upbeat note pales, especially against these missing events: World Series of 1988, WS victory in 2000 or the playoffs of 2007? And even those, late-season disappointments are too few and too far apart.

    1. Mike, I hear ya about winning moments. Basic Mets history is “Casey”, ’69, Ya Gotta Believe, ’86 and Subway Series. However, I know many Mets fans like me have come to look back with fondness on some of the awful teams of our youth.

  4. Mike,

    This is exactly why I didn’t think the stadium was missing much in the way of Mets stuff last year. There isn’t that much to celebrate and I think the Dodgers shrine stuff was way overblown by people who love to complain.

  5. Corey: good point. However, I do think that there were better ideas for the rotunda, such as a time line/mix celebrating Jackie, and even the Giants, then bridging the years to the Muts. In that space, our two WS victories, and pennants might have fit in nicely.

  6. Here’s the thing with the Rotunda:

    nowhere in there does it talk about Robinson’s stats (and barely mentions his baseball career)
    nowhere does it tell you about any of his teammates
    nowhere does it tell you about what year the Bklyn Dodgers won the WS.

    So how could it possibly be about the Dodgers?

    Oh and BTW, not in the pictures: the Ebbets Clubs are now called Champions Clubs, honoring 1969 & 1986.

    “Champions Club honoring the 1969 and 1986 Championship teams. Each side of the Club (1st and 3rd base) will be furnished with pictures and memorabilia honoring each Championship team. Additionally, in-seat service with a menu of food and drinks will now be offered in the seating area.”

    1. With a year’s perspective, I think the oversight of having “Mets stuff” in the stadium drew attention to rotunda. Looks like lots of adjustments have been made and are being well received.

  7. i completely agree with corey about the rotunda. I never had a problem with it. It is like Arthur Ashe stadium across the way. The guy changed tennis he was bigger then tennis he deserves to be remembered. Same thing with Robinson. He was more than just baseball and the Dodgers. This is the city the color barrier was broken not LA i never thought it was too far fetched.

    I don’t go to games to see memorabilia or posters or whatever but they do add a certain element when walking to the seats. I loved the banners they had in Shea showing big moments from the past. I don’t want to be overload like the Yankees did which is everywhere you look you are reminded of some Yankee player or moment. I would like to see some stuff inside and it sounds like they are doing it.

    It is not the end all be all for me. I will still go just to see a baseball game.

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