Incorrect info on new 1986 World Series fan brick at Citi Field

Here’s the fanbrick which says Sid Fernandez earned the win in Game 7.

And here is the Mets pitching boxscore of Game 7.

New York Mets IP H R ER BB SO
Darling 3.2 6 3 3 1 0
Fernandez 2.1 0 0 0 1 4
McDowell W (1-0) 1.0 3 2 2 0 1
Orosco SV (2) 2.0 0 0 0 0 2

and a second source just to make sure we’re not all insane.

Hopefully the Mets can fix this one lest we misinform our children.

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UPDATE: this post has been drawing a lot of attention.   The Mets have since removed the brick and a correct version will replace it.   Great job by the Mets on fixing this one quickly.  Read more in the Times.

26 Replies to “Incorrect info on new 1986 World Series fan brick at Citi Field”

  1. wow just freaking wow how how in gods name does this team allow incorrect information about one of the biggest moments in team history be factually wrong?

  2. That’s unfortunate. But as I said in the last post..I think it means that there was a Mets fan working on it. Think about it, if someone had no knowledge or memory of the game, they would’ve had to look it up, and would’ve had it correct. This was obviously written from personal recollection. Of course, that doesn’t excuse not fact checking.

    1. I had to look it up to – but now that it has been pointed out, it’s sort of a major event in team history that should be fied.

      OR we leave it there for 25 years and it becomes that quirky thing that the cognoscenti talk about.

  3. i mean if any pitcher needs to be mentioned it is either sid or orosco. I believe more so sid but they need to figure a way to be factually correct and include him

  4. Ceetar makes a good point. El Sid is always credit with saving Ronnie’s start – I’ve even heard Ronnie on air give him that credit.
    Those that didn’t watch the game – as I did – probably think he got the win.

    1. I had to look it up myself. However, now that it is known that the brick is incorrect it should be fixed. I’d even stick the incorrect brick in an “oops” section of the museum, along with Mercury Mets jerseys. Have fun with it.

  5. Wow… That would be pretty funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. I can already see how Jon Stewart and David Letterman will paint this one. geeeshh

  6. Who can forget the glove toss he did? It might be the greatest moment in Met history.

    There are times I cannot believe how much this front office sucks.

  7. I can’t really see, but does that also say the final score was 8-6??? That’s what it looks like. (final score was 8-5)

  8. This is grade A typical of this franchise. They do not collect all of the facts properly before acting on something. Putz? Beltran? Many more examples, just this year. I hope this trend can be fixed.

  9. Seems to me the brick is correct. He did “earn” the win. But the rules require it be awarded to someone else.

  10. If the Mets had not been getting left and right hooks in the land of public relations the last three years the reaction to this would be…so what, Fernandez deserved the win, he kept them in, changed the momentum and McDowell nearly coughed the lead away. This is really silly. It is not as if they said and John Franco earned the save.

  11. It doesn’t matter if Sid Fernandez theoretically won the game for the Mets. When dealing with stats, you must be as factual as possible and leave no room for guessing games and speculation; you can’t be ambiguous about the meaning. The fact is Roger McDowell got the W, not Sid Fernandez, and this brick is just plain wrong!

    This is ridiculous. Obviously the Mets did not care to fact check these bricks that are supposed to commemorate their history. What does that tell you about the owners of this team?

  12. How did McDowell get the win? As I recall — and I haven’t watched my tape of the game in a long time — McDowell came in with a lead and gave up hits to Bill Buckner, Jim Rice and Wade Boggs, allowing 2 runs to score, bringing the Sox up to a 6-5 deficit. The hero pitcher of that game was Fernandez, who shut down the Sox after Darling gave up 3 runs early on.

  13. to err is human,to forgive is a mets fan*

    *-winning banner day entry many met moons ago.

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