A guard told a fan that the Mets Hall of Fame might not be ready for Citi Field Opening Day

Earlier today. Media Goon volunteered to go take some pictures out at Citi Field – he’s one of the biggest “fans” of my photography what with my blurry lens and crooked angle techniques so he headed out to do better than I would.

While there he sent me an email.

Before we get to the email let me remind you that Mets Police is not news, it’s just a blog, hopefully entertaining, and use the information with a grain of salt.

That being said, I have two years invested in this thing, have decent street cred with you and I don’t throw stuff up here willy-nilly.

I trust Media Goon and here is what he says a guard told him today:

Hey Shannon,

I went out to shoot pics of the new additions out at Citi Field today. I am working on re-sizing them now. While I was there I talked to one of the security guards(who by the way was wearing a blue with black Citi Field jacket. I was expecting it to be red like their shirts they wear).  He told me the hall of fame might not be ready by opening day.  He also said the bullpen looks really cool inside now too.  Also, he pointed out all the new banners, fan walk bricks, and the renamed entrances.  I also walked by McFadden’s and I couldn’t get any pics of the work going on inside of it.  I peeked though and saw there was a ton of drywall work done.  It is not that big open space that you took pics of when you were there.  I have a feeling it will be ready by April 5th.

Pics to come later.

I sure hope the Hall is ready by Opening Day.

As for McFadden’s – the manager Shawn had told me that the space would be split into different areas/rooms.   Since I’m not sure what Goon saw I am just speculating.

Perhaps, and hopefully, the guard is misguided.  I’m confident the conversation took place.

Hall of Fame.  Discuss.

11 Replies to “A guard told a fan that the Mets Hall of Fame might not be ready for Citi Field Opening Day”

  1. When I wrote about it not being that big open space from the pics I meant it that they look like they did a lot of work and its starting to look like it has sections.

    1. Ah. That would be consistent with what the manager told me. If I show up with wife and kids they profile and send me upstairs. If I show up with you and I’m in a blue 1983 jersey that’s a little too tight they send me to the bar.

  2. Well, can we kill the Mets for slow construction work? I’m not so sure.

    Then again, I’m not so sure the Mets are filling in the security guards in on the progress of the Museum either, so chances are they had a setback and that rumor got around the staff.

    Either way, the Mets would get less flak if they opened the museum half finished than if they delayed the opening.

    1. Ceetar the trick is in the spin – if they just have boards and keep us in the dark then it looks bad, If they announce that the Grand Opening is on May 1st and Tom Seaver himself will cut the ribbon etc…then it’s perceived as cool.

  3. When I talked to the security guard it was right next to the HOF…I couldn’t really get a good look inside it. But from what I seen of Mcfadden’s and their construction, I think the Mets will finish the HOF on time. If they don’t big deal…At least they will have one in the stadium. I was just passing on the info from what a Mets employee told me. I am optimistic.

  4. I’ll be disappointed if I can’t check it out during the first homestand, but it’s not the end of the world. I’d rather see them put together something decent that opens late than rush just to be ready for Opening Day.

  5. Seaver won’t cut the ribbon, it’s wine growing time!

    yeah, true. Everyone has construction delays, as disappointing as it would be, and irrational fans would still kill them for it, it’d be okay. Even if they just say “Trying our best for the next homestand.”

    Maybe set up some ‘teaser’ displays in the Rotunda to get a feel for what’s inside? Tweak our anticipation and all is good.

    1. Great idea Ceetar – teaser museum is a great idea. Silence and mystery makes them look clueless even if they aren’t. Perception is reality.

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