The ‘Ropolitans uncover something called Mets Banner Day (link/video)

Friends, over the years (both of them) we have discussed this long rumored “Banner Day.”

It has been rumored that last century, technology allowed civilians to walk on the dirt area of the field while carrying signs.

I’d love to post the video here, but that’s just not cool blogger etiquette, so go check out this video on the ‘Ropolitans.

Do you think the video is real?  Does Dave Howard know about this?  Is that fence blue or is my computer?  How did the Mets ever play a game after letting these hooligans walk on the dirt?   What would happen in the 21st century if the Mets tried to have such an event.

In other news – Media Goon has sent me a note about something at Citi Field.  You ain’t gonna like it.  Coming up at 5pm…on Mets Police.

3 Replies to “The ‘Ropolitans uncover something called Mets Banner Day (link/video)”

  1. Having watched the Mets since 1978, I do not understand what this fascination people like you have with Banner Day. Some things are best left in the past.

    I feel the same way about Oldtimers Day. I don’t need to see Tim Foli and Ellis Valentine take 1 more stab at glory. The (ever self indulgent) Yankees are the only team to have Old Timers Day.

    Also, the walls at Shea were green in 1969. Somehow the team overcame this unbelievable travesty and won the World Series.

    1. Corey, Banner Day was fun. I’m nostalgic for my youth. Ditto Old Timer’s Day. I would love to see Tim Foli.

      You’re right about the walls being green. I’m going to get out my time machine and work on Mets Police 1980 and complain about the Shea renovations. When are they going to fire Joe Torre? He can’t manage his way out of a paper bag!

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