13 more pictures of Citi Field modifications

Yesterday I posted some awesome pics that Media Goon took at Citi Field..here are some more.  What are they doing to the (real) apple?  And look at the uniform Gil is wearing compared to how they dressed Piazza and Franco.  Come on.

I like what I am seeing.  Does anyone know if other recent stadiums tweaked as much after year one?

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  1. Ceetar, no I think that is where fans will go to participate in “everyone gets to fill in for an injured Met” duty

  2. What are they building under the Bud sign?

    Have a feeling Apple might be in the way of the new bullpen renovation. Looks “cored” lol. Maybe they are installing a light in it.

  3. I hope to see here the Shea Bridge naming. I can only assume the wording (hopefully in classic Mets letters) will be put up in the area above and behing the bridge, the wall that has the same curvature of the bridge.

  4. It’s nice to see the basic blue skyline logo without any crazy flourishes on the player banners.

  5. Wow…is that “color” in the banners? I didn’t know that technology had made it to Flushing yet! Very nice to see. I hope there is more “color” inside.

  6. The Bud ad is behind the scoreboard,,the construction looks like where they had the 2k sports kiosk..it was all right by the “family” area. I caught the construction when i left the parking lot and after i talk to the security guard. I have to say the color banners on the poles look really good. The stadium from the outside doesn’t look as drab as it did last year.

    1. Mediagoon: The manager of McFadden’s mentioned to me a ramp that would connect from McF’s to the stadium. Perhaps this is what is going in that space. There is also an elevator, perhaps two, from McF’s to the stadium proper.

  7. the SNY commercial says it’ll be in that area (McFaddens that is) so that makes sense. Pretty decent area to walk into the park actually.

  8. Thanks for the pictures! I live in Central Jersey and can’t wait for Opening Day! Even with all the odd nuances of Citi Field, it is finally nice to have an actual Stadium that I am proud to go watch games at. I get goose bumps when walking down the stairs from the 7 train every time I go to a game. I am taking my mom to Opening Day this year (my 14th in a row), she is an old BK Dodgers and a Mets fan, it’s her first time at Citi and no matter what team they put on the field I will still be proud to go and say I am METS fan!

  9. Long time/first time… these are great pics. My favorite ‘feature’ at Citi Field, though, has been there since day one and gone criminally underreported: this fan-walk brick http://yfrog.com/5vn10321366424357751059j – a nice little F. U. to Mike Hampton.

    (I didn’t buy it, just saw it)

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