Some quick off-field Mets related items

Some quick items this morning.

Unconfirmed item #1: Got a note from a Mets Police reader (I am so sorry I don’t know your first name, I just know you by your email account) who says:

they are also painting the floors of all the bathrooms and the entire excelsior level with this weird orange and blue non stick paint.  It looks like abstract art.

Unconfirmed item #2:  Chris says…

By the way the free gift [with ticket packages] is a ‘Floating’ Mets baseball.  Its worse then last years cardboard cutout.

Unconfirmed item #3: This morning WFAN’s Joe & Evan said Boomer and Carton will be at McFadden’s on Opening Day.

Unconfirmed item #4:   Brooklyn Met Fan says:

I was in touch with Team Gooden tues nite when I first heard whispers and  while I’m not at liberty to disclose any details I have heard Doc’s side and what has come out in the press is FAR from an accurate portrayal of what went down.

Blue Cap tip to Metsblog for catching that one (and thanks for linking to my Gooden story).  Here’s Brooklyn Met Fan’s site with more on this story.

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  1. No one drops the ball like our management. Who could do more corrections, several would have been common sense for others…

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