Pictures of McFadden’s Citi Field

Fun game tonight despite the loss.  Never should have been that close.

Lots of booers at Citi tonight.   It has to stop.

Went to McFadden’s.   Nice, roomy, nothing special (yet?).   A good meetup place – I met Media Goon there and we had one beer then went in the CF stairs gate.

Glad it’s there, not sure how often I personally will use it.

I think beer (aluminum bottles) are in the $6/$7 range.  I had a $2 special.

Pictures follow…

5 Replies to “Pictures of McFadden’s Citi Field”

    1. Ceetar I didn’t see a beer menu or even taps. the nice lady on 126th street gave us a car for any $2 “draft” but we got bottles. None of this is complaining.

  1. At least all of the tvs work. I was there on opening day and only about 3 were hooked up. It has lots of promise, but they have a lot of work to do. They were NOT ready for the season to start

  2. What kind of car? Was it a Porsche? 😉

    yeah, figure they’re just not ready. Not expecting more than the standard beer fare anyway. I’ll try to check it out Friday if the fans haven’t rioted and torn down the stadium.

  3. I saw shot girls walking around there. I also saw Guinness on tap. And Shannon meant $2 card for draft beers. As you can see by the picture of the McFadden’s Sign, I dont think this bar is really finished. It looks like it was half done and I am sure during a road trip or two and maybe even the all star break that they’ll add to it. I like the joint. Better then No Pub to meet at.

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