Shopping for Mr. Met caps on Opening Day at the Citi Field store

One of the fun things about Opening Day is that I met some actual readers.  What surprised me is that readers actually enjoy the snarky posts about Mets caps.   Well, good news – there’s plenty of new caps out there.

I’ve been posting a lot of museum/opening day pictures but I’m jonesing to do a caps post so let’s do a quick one.  First the pictures then the comments.  The challenge: guess which one I actually purchased.

That first picture (my usual awful framing): there we see an unappealing blue cap with New York on it.  Clutter.  It’s not even a Mr. Met cap, why is it in this post?

#2: Two Mr. Met caps.  That blue one on the left is kinda cool…the one on the right, eh, why buy it if the one on the left exists and is right next to it.

#3: a nice looking blue and orange Mr. Met cap.  If I were a hot chick and I saw a fat guy in one of those I’d give him a kiss.

#4:  also a blue and orange Mr. Met cap but someone got carried away with the orange dontcha think?

#5:  That one on the left is interesting and quirky..Mr. Met’s cap has blown off!

#6:  Interesting in that Mr. Met is standing (or leaning on a bat) but why did they ruin it with the orange line thingies?

#7:  Also not a Mr. Met cap but how about that variant NY.  Very cool.

#8:  The answer to today’s quiz, and perhaps the clues gave it away – I bought this one.  $18.

2 Replies to “Shopping for Mr. Met caps on Opening Day at the Citi Field store”

  1. I own the same cap you bought. Love the design, just wish it was a darker blue instead of that denim hue.

    I also had to rip out the plastic webbing in the front so it wouldn’t look like a cereal box sitting on top of my size 7 head, but I end up doing that with most caps.

    The 3rd cap down on the right margin of this website would be money were it not for the superfluous “1962.”

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