Good Mets service, blue jerseys and unfortunate choices in pictures

Some good links:

Corey shared yet another story about good customer service from the Mets. I hear nothing but excellence on that front.

Corey’s article has this interesting sentence:

The Mets were not only aware that there were obstructions in the Promenade in 2008 before Citi Field opened but they also relocated those affected by it.

That’s interesting.  Go read.

Brian who wrote this morning’s guest post has started his own blog which is about jerseys.  So you know I’ll be linking to it left and right (maybe when I retire Mets Police on the day after the win the World Series in pinstripes I’ll switch to an all-caps blog.  Caps Police?  Nah, might turn into hockey nitpicking.  I digress…)  What do we think of Brian’s blue jersey….no I’m not posting it here…honor among bloggers, and site traffic is king.   Go look. Wait, did he say Blue Jersey Army? Call my lawyers…

Finally, Sports Hernia comments on some of McFadden’s customers….well, take a look for yourself. Keep your shirts on fellas.

3 Replies to “Good Mets service, blue jerseys and unfortunate choices in pictures”

  1. i wrote a post about the Mcfadden’s thing on my own blog
    I put it over there because I just didn’t think it fit over here on MetsPolice…
    Blue Jersey Army and Blue Cap Army can be a 2 front united coalition,,nice…

  2. Well at least the customer service is good, the team not so much. How can you be considered a serious team when you have Tatis starting at 1B?

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