More about the Backman video

Got a nice note from John from Playing for Peanuts.   Since I’m finishing off connecting wires at Newly Refurbished Mets Police HQ and I’m about to go on a media blackout so I can watch soccer at night (never waste sunshine and warmth on television.  Never. Oh and ABC should just stream the darn game on ESPN3.) …where was I…oh yeah John sent me a note and in the interest of time, Control-V is cut and paste:

The media reports made it seem like wally ran upstairs and assaulted the broadcaster in a rage. we had video to prove he walked up, waited for a few minutes till the postgame show was over and then he dropped some F-bombs, turned around and left. he wasn’t physically confrontational and the GM didn’t break up a fight… in hindsight it seems like a trivial thing, but that incident was misreported and no one was interested in seeing the footage of what really happened, until now.

just wanted to point that out. i agree with you – it wasn’t something i ever wanted to see or get involved in, but it happened and i feel like i should at least try to explain what was actually happening before/during/after…

i put up all the videos relating to the incident here:

that video player has fan reactions (positive and negative), wally’s thoughts immediately after the ejection, etc.

keep up the great work! your blog is great.