Santana Bashers?

Yesterday as I explored other media I heard a shocking amount of people complaining about Santana.

Yes Pelfrey and Niese had a great week, but I don’t understand why there is Santana panic.

Let’s take a look at a few starts….

June 10th…4 runs in 6 2/3 in a loss.   The guy is human.

June 2nd.  ZERO runs in 7 innings.  5 hits.

May 28th.  ZERO runs in 8 innings.  3 hits.

May 23rd.  1 run 6 hits in 7  and 2/3

May 18th.  2 runs and 5 hits in 7 innings.

May 13th.  1 unearned run and 6 hits in 7 innings.

May 8th.  A 5-4 win…7 2/3 and 8 hits.

May 2nd the 10 earned run disaster against the cheating Phillies.


Santana forever earns my respect for his performance that last weekend at Shea.

If the Mets go to game 163 I’m handing Johan the ball even if Pelfrey goes 20 and 1.   This guy has earned my trust and respect.

2 Replies to “Santana Bashers?”

  1. There are a lot of uneducated Mets fans out there that just like to jump on a player for no reason. Maybe if the Mets scored runs when Santana pitched he could have the same record as Pelfrey. Are they going to jump on Ike Davis if he has a bad stretch? Fans are way to fickle these days.

  2. Constantly amazed @ the folks who want 2 bash Santana. WTF??? Someone even had the gall 2 say, “he’s not an ace…LOOK @ the STATs,,,,take a look. He is a ACE. Not only that, look at his heart…not only is he an ACE…He’s OUR ace.

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