Kosher grill mad at the Mets

I am no expert in keeping kosher nor the law, so I’ll just let you know that the Post says:

A kosher-food company is suing the Mets, claiming that it has lost a half-million dollars in profits because the team has forbidden its stands to sell snacks at Citi Field on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons.

I read the article a few times and don’t understand it. I think someone other than Kosher Grill decided it would look bad if they were open Friday night or Saturday. Explain it to me…

One Reply to “Kosher grill mad at the Mets”

  1. I’m no rabbi and my formal education on such matters ended with my Bar Mitzvah 19 years ago, but…

    I always thought it was the Kosher Grill’s choice to close down on Friday nights and Saturdays (afternoon and evenings in the summer suffer the same fate). But just because it’s kosher (I’ll assume that it is), it doesn’t mean that they need to close down on the sabbath. But it should be their choice and not the Mets’ (or any other parties running concessions and arranging these matters).

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