You still don’t believe the pitcher chooses which uniform the Mets wear

Tom writes:

Shannon – I know that the tour guides at Citi have been saying the pitcher chooses the uniform, but I find it hard to believe that every Friday the pitcher chooses black and that every getaway day the pitcher chooses the road (hybrid) cap, which is what has been happening this season.

Tom I know what you’re saying but two different members of the Mets media department told me the starting pitcher chooses the uniform, the tour guides are saying it, and from what I was told, I won’t be invited to the next BBQ at the Samuels household.

Dickey apparently chose gray with black stirrups this Friday although I expected black.

I also imagine there is some sort of overriding veto. For example, black would be dumb on Mets Hall of Fame Day.

Since I posted the definitive answer to who picks the uniforms I’ve been asked about the socks and caps. You guys are too funny.

The Mets invited me to their home and gave me food and drink. It was the only question asked. I accept the answer.

I also love that “hybrid” cap is now a well used term. I cant remember who said it first. “Statue Technology” is all mine.

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  1. The Mets do not wear black jerseys every Friday, they have only done so 4 time thus far this season. They went black on Fridays at home Apr 9, May 7, and Jun 4(all first Friday game of the month). They have gone for black Friday just once on the road, Apr 30, at Phillie (only road win in black thus far.
    They have worn the hybrid on all home getaway days(5 for 5) Hadn’t noticed that before. The only occurrence of them not wearing the hybrid for a road getaway game was at Phillies on Apr 2, when they went black.
    The Mets only wear black socks (belt and t-shirts too) on the road, and have since around the 2000 season. Though, they did go blue at Yankee stadium a few years ago, and I believe I read somewhere that MLB wasn’t happy about it, and may have fined the team(not part of their “official” road unis).
    Also, Dickey wore socks, not stirrups Friday. Mets have only rarely worn stirrups for a long time(2000?). Last I can recall was some players wore stirrups last seasons final game.
    Of course, If someone else has information that disputes my observations, I welcome it. I always have space in my internal hard drive for some random Mets info. I’ll just purge some needless memory of a youthful drunken mishap.

  2. You are correct sir. I remembered it the same way and did a little digging, first on retrosheet to find the split doubleheader and then to UniWatch where I found the smoking gun. Since they introduced the black as a road uni color for socks, undershirts, etc, they have only worn blue socks and hats on the road once, as part of one of those weird Yankee/Shea doubleheaders on June 27th 2008. At the time, they made a point of saying that that particular uni combo had not been worn in 11 years. It’s too bad too, because it looked awesome.

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