Nice tale of good Mets customer service

As I remind the class from time to time, Mets Police is not news, it’s just a fat guy from the uppers…the story below came to me over twitter, I assume it’s true. maybe it’s not, and whatever you do don’t whine if the Mets didn;t upgrade you. I’m just trying to shed light on the fan-friendly side of things, I’ve done my fair share of the opposite.

Here’s the tweet:  from @TheRealSoxy:

@metspolice Got a story for you. After the Braves game was shortened by rain Mets said to send tix in for new ones. Just got mine (1 of 2)

for the 6/24 game vs Tigers. Surprising thing was that they upgraded my 500 level tix to 300 level tix. Good job by the team.

Kinda cool.   Nice job by the Mets.

3 Replies to “Nice tale of good Mets customer service”

  1. This happened to me as well.
    My Sundap plus plan is in Sec 517, and when I sent my tix back in exchange for the 6/22 Tigers game, I was pleasantly surprised to receive 2 Caesar’s Club Bronze tix in Section 310, Row 2.

  2. I have a great customer service story. On Sunday June 6th I took my 3 1/2 year old daughter to the game. This was her 4th game and she really enjoys going, I am very lucky. Well on this day we had seats in the prominade. It was a little hot and windy that day. About the third inning, my daughter started getting a little fussy, i couldn’t apply anymore suntan lotion because security confiscated it at the gate. (It was in a metal spray bottle, that is a whole seperate issue). Not wanting my daughter to get upset we went down to the main concourse to walk around. A supervisor saw my daughter crying and asked me if everything was ok, after I explained my situation, she got on her radio and i was given to seats on the field level in the shade. I was told to enjoy the game. I think the Mets get it.

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