Mets Police Night Shift and Maggie’s video

Seems like that was quite a game. I kept sneaking peeks at the gameday function on the iphone app and it was stressful watching the Adventures of K-Rod even in text-only form.

I just watched a fee highlights and am going to have to root for Maine to take Takahashi’s spot if he keeps picking silly color schemes. Maybe they don’t have black uniforms in Japan so he sees them as a novelty. Then again Bobby V was over there and he is who I think of black jerseys (and that guy from the Dodgers who was here for a while.)

Anyway even I am sick of complaining about that, so here is a note from Maggie who is helping pitch in. Tomorrow keep an eye on the Tumblr section, I hope to do some undercover work here in the central time zone.

Hey Shannon,

Since you’re out of town and out of touch, thought I’d pass along a super-fun slideshow I just uploaded.

My cousin Mary and I were at the June 5 victory vs. the Marlins. We treated ourselves to VIP seats with Caesar’s Club access. I only get back to NYC once per year for a game, and for this one we bought once-in-a-lifetime seats on StubHub.

I know, I know, she’s wearing black. I planned the video in advance (obviously, when you see the video clips interspersed), and I asked her to wear a Mets shirt, but I neglected to stress it had to be a non-black shirt and assumed she’d show up in the orange and blue. Ah well. I was wearing my Murphy shirt in honor of my fallen comrade.

Enjoy, and feel free to pass it on.

Maggie in NH

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  1. Awesome video…and by they way, when they talk about being loyal to colors, how come they did not mention black? OH, that’s right…Black is NOT a Mets’ color.

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