Mets vs. Yankees 6/19

Reyes hit two home runs for basically all the Mets scoring today. Pelfrey has a second straight game where he did not look sharp as he has in other games this year. The bullpen kept the Mets in the game and I actually felt they had a chance to come back.

I really do not have a feeling of dread this year like I did with the team for the previous two years.

I also think Santana is going to have a good game tomorrow with some timely hitting and the Mets will win. Yes I am confident of a win tomorrow.

What do you guys think? Comment away…

3 Replies to “Mets vs. Yankees 6/19”

  1. I wonder if mike pelfrey is going through one of those dead arm periods the past two games. Just looks like he is missing some umph lately.

  2. I was inordinately confident of a sweep after last night. Now I’m overly worried they’ll take tomorrow. The Yankees turn me manic-depressive. Still traumatized by Castillo dropping that ball last year.

  3. I think all pitchers have a few games where they just are worn out for a few games in a season. I still think the Mets will win tomorrow.

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