‘Los Marlins’ are annoying to look at

JMP sent this in….

I know you hate the “Los Mets” jerseys with a passion, for completely justifiable reasons.

Of course, this week, the Mets and Marlins are playing a series in Puerto Rico. In honor of being in a Spanish-speaking locale, the Marlins are wearing their “Los Marlins” jerseys, which are (like the “Los Mets” jerseys) only problematic because the regular jerseys don’t say “The Marlins,” they just say “Marlins.” Of course, if the teams are going with a Spanish theme to honor the location of their series, why aren’t the Mets wearing road grey jerseys that say “Nueva York?”

I would think that those of us who object to “Los Mets” because of the inclusion of the definite article would have no problem with road grey jerseys that say “Nueva York,” and there would probably be significant merchandising potential for shirts like that. Moreover, it would guarantee that the Mets couldn’t wear black jerseys during this series.

Of course, the Mets as an organization tend not to do anything in such a well thought out manner…

For the newbies, I hate the look of the tiny Los and I hate the illogic of it.   Our team does not normally have a small THE above the team name, so adding a Los is just dumb.  I offer to use as evidence, the Mexican League.

A Nueva York road jersey would have been a cool move.   Perhaps next year.  Oh, and JMP I bet you it would be black.

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  1. What is even more annoying is that there is probably a spanish word for Marlin that they are not using on the jersey to go with the los.

  2. 1 i think its retarded..we are in america..the team is in FLORIDA a Usa STATE and we speak english not spanish…its a Amercan Past time the MLB is English…whats nxt were going to have iner league play with mexico and PR…really keep MARLINS and METS thats it..when the NFL went to europe they didnt change there names it looks dumb as hell….

  3. First, Los Marlins is grammatically correct…in spanish, el, la, los, las is put in front regardless..

    Second, the NFL game played in England..where english came from…? And they didn’t change the names..hmmmm…

    Third..get over it…this is America..where we all have the right for Freedom of Speech..in any language… Register…progress…!!!

  4. i agree!! this is the U.S.A !!!! it looks ridiculous on the jerseys. if my beloved cardinals ever did this, i would be upset!!!

  5. I thought it was to show support for the Arizona boycott like the Suns did when they put Los Suns on their uniforms. I hope that’s not the reason. Even though I know MLB supports the boycott I sure hope the Marlins are not!

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