A better look at the Cyclones tie-dye jersey

Remember our new friend Nick from yesterday (the guy with the Hodges jersey?) – he sent over this better look at the tie-dye jersey that the Cyclones wore last week.

In many ways this is like a black Mets jersey.  If you want to wear this as a civilian, I get it.  It might actually be “cool” to wear.  I could see my buddy Juan walking around in one of these.

However, the game was televised on SNY and it looked terrible on the field.

Both Mrs. Mets Police and I are off today, and the kids are at camp.   Alone time!  You know what that means, right?

That’s right – she’s gonna make up some chores!  What did you think was gonna happen?  Didn’t you watch Everybody Loves Raymond?   Ray just wants to write about the Mets and maybe smooch a little and she’s on his case to do stuff.   If you think I’m getting yelled at for “being on the computer” this morning you are crazy.

Don’t worry, I have a few things for you this morning- she’s going out later so I can catch up on what’s happening in Flushing.

In the meantime, I’m off to hold hands and talk about rainbows and probably hang some curtains.  Yay.

3 Replies to “A better look at the Cyclones tie-dye jersey”

  1. My son would love one of the Cyclone tie dyed shirts./ Where can I get one.

  2. Check with the Brooklyn Cyclones. I think these jerseys are for sale in their team store.

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