Trickin’ Out The Mets Police HQ Deck Part 1: The Keg-a-Que

Man, the Mets are a gift that never stops giving.   I checked my email and has sent an email “Equip your pool or patio.”   Well since I do most of the blogging from poolside on the deck, and I love goofing on Mets related stuff this is a lay-up….(there is pool stuff available for all 30 teams but that’s not as much fun)

Where shall we begin…

How about this gas powered keg-a-que!   After a hard day at the office trying to figure out a 27 millionth different way to express displeasure in the Mets road caps, how about a nice cold Rheingold and a hot dog…

A great grill that is always the talk of the party; not only for it’s great looks, but as a great cooking grill.

Oh man, I thought it was a KEG.  I already have a grill.  Don’t worry this is only the first in a series.

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