The Gang Solves The CitiField Parkland Casino Crisis

Looks like Media Goon has solved the casino crisis!

Steve wants a casino built on parkland.   I want “Boston Common” above underground parking.  We all want a domed stadium.  So Media Goon came up with this – let’s knock down Citi Field, start over and build UP.

My first idea is that the new stadium should two stories above ground level. Just like how DisneyWorld is built one story off the ground with service tunnels under it.

My idea is that the casino and shopping can occupy those two levels underneath the stadium. But then what happens to the parkland you want to be built?

Knock down Citi Field and then you have new ground there. Along with the new casino and shops you build a two deck parking area and the roof becomes the parkland and attaches to the stadium to make it seamless as if it was all ground level. Plant trees, build fountains, have foot paths around the area. This level can also have restaurants, bars, museums, and more retail space attached to the new ballpark.

Oh one more thing. This ballpark now has a retractable roof.

So now you have parkland, casino, restaurants, shopping, a new retractable roof stadium, and parking. (Via

Mr. Goon points out

I know Citi Field is only 14 years old but by the time 126th street has all the affordable housing, retail shops, schools NYFC stadium done, it will probably be closer to being twenty years old. That means it either is or will be obsolete within a few years of that. The Mets should get ahead of that.