If Matt Harvey did this: Justin Verlander dines with Mets Owner Alex Cohen and husband Steve

I guess Uncle Steve and Tia Alex thought it was more important that Justin Verlander have a fancy diner instead of working our and watching game films.  The New York Post was on Alex Cohen’s social media and aw…

Justin Verlander and his wife Kate Upton were dining with some new friends.

The superstar pitcher ate out with Steve Cohen and his wife, Alex, after the 39-year-old superstar inked a two-year, $86.7 year deal with the Mets this offseason. Cohen’s wife took to her Instagram story on Sunday night to spread the news of the newfound friendship. (via NY Post)

Now of interest….

I went on Alex’s Insta this morning and I don’t see the picture.  Am I bad at looking?  Did she take it down?  Am I looking on the wrong social media feed?  If she took it down….why?

Alex’s bio also mentions that she is “Owner of the @mets”

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