Followup on Steve Cohen should be worried he’s lost the Mets diehards

OK, so like most posts I took a lot of guff over the post a few weeks back (the one Steve Cohen responded to) about how the Mets should be worried they’ve lost the diehards.

Many many people came at me saying it was a religious holiday that day.  OK fine, it was a religious holiday.  Otherwise, The Section would have been totally full.

What’s today’s excuse?  Is it the sunny dry high-70’s weather is too sunny?   Is everyone celebrating CD Player Day?

Or…maybe….hear me out….I took an unpopular stance, most people are unable to be free thinkers for some reason….. and yet again I was right about things.

This is at least the third straight Outing that has looked like this.  There’s a problem in Queens….and it’s not Buck Showalter.  That looks like 250 empty seats to me Steve.  Something is wrong.  The new rules apparently aren’t THAT much fun.