Photos of New York Mets shirts

Today I think we’ll do shirts and jerseys. I bought the Unicorn Seaver jersey and for those of you who don’t obssessively check Mets Police all weekend when it’s 70 and sunny, take a look at this post from Dan: Is it cool to personalize a jersey or should you wear a player name? Personally, I wear my own name.

That’s the blog plan for today- I’m actually writing this on Saturday night with the hope of taking much of Sunday off from blogging. However, one never knows how the storyline will change in Flushing.

Jesse sent me the below. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only person taking cameras of Mets attire in stores.

Jesse says:

All nice shirts from a big name store in my town. I got the running Mr. Met. All pretty nice except the ones with black in them. I even like the orange one. What is up with the block lettering? Mets original colors and script are classic, not sure why they want to mess with it.

I dig that Mr. Met shirt! Thanks Jesse! Guest stuff always welcome at [email protected]

Not related to Mets attire but maybe you missed it when I posted on Saturday night: here’s some pictures of some work on the Citi Field gates that Jimmy Mets fan sent over

2 Replies to “Photos of New York Mets shirts”

  1. When in doubt, always go with Mr. Met. The other names change, Mr. Met never goes out of style.

  2. I have a few rules when it comes to purchasing anything “Mets”

    – too much black or orange, I’m out

    – the plainer, the better

    – The last time I spent money on a authentic player jersey, I went for the 44 “Payton”…from now on, it’s 9 “Healey”, because I have a full-no trade clause.

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