I bought the 1983 Tom Seaver jersey

This was going for $100 (actually $100 not $99.99) at Dick’s and there are at least six others in existence.   I have been unable to locate one on the internet, and anything close sure wasn’t $100.

It’s a pullover (I got gutsy and went large rather than XL again, I thought the XL would look like a tent but I’ll need to skip a few trips to the Shake Shack).  It has the racing stripes down the side.  It’s very 80’s.  This is not to honor the Tom Seaver of Cy Youngs, but the Seaver of 1983 with 9 wins.

I realize this is my first player-name jersey.   Dan had an article on Saturday that asked if y’all like personalizing jerseys with your own name or do you prefer player names?

I have found it hard to wear the name of someone 20 years younger than me.  Seaver could be my dad.  I have met Tom twice, and both are great stories.  I may have to share them one of these off-days.  They are very cool.

Do you guys have any random jerseys in your closets?  Something that seemed like a good idea at the time?   Send in some pictures to [email protected]

I’m a big fan of the site Straight Cash Homey Dot Net which is where this Gotay jersey is from.   They post random jerseys every day.

Gotay and a red cap.  Oof.

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  1. I wondering if the reason why these cheaper “near authentic” replicas never have numbers on the front is because of cost or because they are not allowed to.

    I would totally grab one of these if it had the number on the front, as it is supposed to.

    I bought a cheap Reyes replica on clearance at Modells a few years ago and it doesn’t have the # on the front. But it was so cheap (about $10), I didn’t mind.

  2. Oh, man, I have a LOT of jerseys in my closet – most from the late 80’s/early 90’s, when I had to order them from Gerry Cosby’s because you could never find ‘pro’ jersey’s in stores. I went for players names rather than my own. When Seaver announced that attempted comeback in ’87, I ordered one that looks like the one you just bought. Oh, and one that seemed like a good idea at the time? Whew, okay, I’ll admit … get ready … Bonilla. There I said it. And very soon after reeeeeaaaalllly regretted it … I’ll try and be brave enough to find it and take a pic for you. (I really can’t believe I just admitted having a Bonilla jersey.)

    1. Clancy, an ’87 Seaver trumps my ’83 any day!

      Are there any black Seaver jerseys out there? Did he ever don one as an instructor?

      If you show up in a Bonilla on Opening Day I will buy you a beer.

  3. I can’t even tell you off the top of my head how many jerseys I have, but the most random have to be:

    1) a low-quality button-up version of the mid-80s pinstripes. This one’s an oddity because a) it’s not a replica of the early 90s version which actually was button-up; it’s the 80s jersey with the blue collar, only with buttons, and b) I honestly have no idea from where it came.

    2) a real-deal early 90s industrial-block-letter “New York” road button-up #18 I got off of ebay last summer/early fall. This one’s unique because even though you automatically think “Darryl Strawberry” when you see an 18 on an old Mets jersey, Darryl was in L.A. by the time this style came to be. It would be more accurately described as a Bret Saberhagen jersey. Also, it has a number on the front, which the Mets unis of that era did not.

  4. I’ve always thought about getting some oddball ones, but they have to be guys taht I wouldn’t be embarassed wearing if the player left.

    I’ve thought about getting one of the Blue/Orange batting practice style ones. Maybe I should get a Meija one right now and get a jump on things?

  5. Ha! I thought about wearing it a few years ago. You know, one of those ‘bathed in irony’ jersey things – though I feared I would be bathed in something else if I wore it at Shea … I’ve done crazier things for a free beer.

    1. Clancy, I think enough time has passed that it would be fun. I bought a Church t-shirt for $5 last summer, will dust it off in 10 years to be that random guy with the Church shirt.

  6. Shannon –
    Great jersey – Seaver (the ’69 flannel home 41) is the only name jersey I wear. I won’t wear anybody my own age or younger (and I’m 48, so it’s limited).

    Don’t know if you’ve seen our NY baseball blog – just did a post on Seaver’s career, his return in ’83 which I covered for the college paper, and his (almost underrated) dominance:


    Great blog, BTW…been lurking for a while.

  7. Here is my collection I also just picked up some authentics a Wright and Reyes and a few blanks. Jerseys are awesome I collect mostly gamers from the early 80’s mid 90’s.. I was a big fan of Doug Flynn,Joel Youngblood, Pat Zachary Jason Isringhausen and Bill Pulsipher. I have a David Wright and Jose Reyes authentic pinstrip just picked them up $50 a piece. Plus 4 blanks that I am gonna get done into a Wright and Reyes 2008 with the shea final patch they are cool base..A blank road grey that is gonna be an Ike Davis and 2 more blanks that are gonna be an 09 Pelfrey and Santana… I am 39 love jerseys also have a 79 roaf Mays that is my favorite style..If anyone reads this and wants to dump some of there jerseys feel free to email me i’ll be m,ore than happy to take them off your hands [email protected]

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