Mets Yearbook 1980 tomorrow

As I mentioned I took Sunday off from blogging, so I forgot to write the post about Mets Yearbook 1980.  I had this idea I would pull out my actual yearbook and….

Faith and Fear beat me to it. Go read theirs.

They also look back at 1980 in this great post.

Set the DVR’s for Tuesday 6:30 for Yearbook ’80.  I love this series but SNY does not make it easy to find.

I started watching some sort of “2009 season in review” last week and almost blew a gasket so I stopped watching after 4 minutes.  Fred Wilpon says something about there being no bad seats, and the other executive (not Jeff, not David) says something about the place clearly being the home of the Mets.

I had to stop.  Will review some night when I’m calm.

But that was last year – this year the Mets have made cool modifications to Mets the place up.

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  1. Shannon: chalk it up as another Wilpon PR failure…they had/have the ability to edit out a couple of outrageous mis-statements from the past, but by either refusing to, or missing the simple opportunity, they prove their unending ability to ignore the fan base.

    Like many of the conservatives responses to political issues these days…if you state the outlandish often enough, it becomes, at the least, “truthiness,” and the “kool-aid drinkers” are mollified.

    1. Mike – to clarify, the part where Fred was talking about the stadium was right at the start of the season in review, and it looked to me like it was from the pre-season special that aired before Citi Field opened.

  2. They’ve had just about 365 days to have thought better of the comments, and edit the show differently, so as to spare us (actually you, since in addition to refusing to purchase tickets, I’ve refused to watch any SNY broadcast).

    That could have been 1 day to fire Jerry. One day to fire Omar. One day to talk to Beltran, before the knee surgery. Yep, still leaves 362 days to edit that video.

  3. I didn’t say I’d sworn off baseball. I’m merely avoiding SNY and paying for tickets.

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