Stories of Mets ticket office working hard to sell tickets

I heard from a few fans today who told stories of calls from the Mets ticket reps.

From tweets:

  • i received a call. I usually do a saturday plan since 06 n last yr i did opener pack. Told me they xpanded sat pack seat options
  • they actually called me friday and left a message trying to sell me tickets. I never called them back though
  • Y r the Mets having ticket ppl call my cell to solicit buying tickets?

It’s the job of the ticket people to sell tickets, and the Mets are a for-profit business.  So I can’t kill them for working their database.

I was personally surprised at the attendance numbers over the weekend.  It was pretty nice out and the 33,000-ish numbers seemed kind of low to me.

I don’t know what to make of it, but I found it interesting.  I’m rooting for a 6-0 road trip and big crowds when they get back.

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  1. No big surprise. They over reached and overpriced on all aspects of last year. Without a significant downward trend in pricing (tickets and concessions) they aren’t going to draw even if they were winning.

    As I mentioned to you in that email, the mets have the highest amount of premium seating for ANY team in major league baseball. When most of your seating is premium, the fans who want to come get priced out.

  2. I had Sat tix for last 15 yrs at Shea. First weekend of season stadium was usually empty, except for the year after the strike, 1995 I guess, when they offered half price food!

    Keep in mind that the team had an extremely sucky year last year, don’t have good prospects this year, and Citifield is super expensive.

    This is the way it should be. The fans will come back when the team is good. In the meantime, I’m happy to be able to get better seats for less than face value from StubHub to see my team play. At least that is allowed as part of the system – they did this to themselves.

  3. I don’t know what the Mets expectations were for April ticket sales, but I think they’re doing well. They sold out Opening Day and they got 38,000 on Wednesday night. The weekend numbers were a little lower than I expected, but they didn’t seem that bad — the Nationals are not much of a draw.

    1. @max wow. what would be the incentive of a premium pack now? The Yankees game?

      The Yankees games are my least favorite to attend…because of the fan behavior. I’d rather watch my giant TV and make $200 off some hooligan (stubhub) to pay for 8 other games.

      By the way, at 11am today Yankee tickets for their opener had dropped to $25. What do you suppose Monday night against the Cubs will be going for that afternoon?

  4. Shannon,

    I was wondering the same thing myself. If the Yankees are in trouble after a World Series year, the Mets are at Armageddon level regardless of their performance on the field. Looks like all 4 area teams with new arenas overestimated the demand versus the price.

    1. Scott today it wasn’t the Yankees in trouble it was the reseller, and from the ticket patterns it looks like brokers.

      Could be some bargains out there.

  5. Shannon, I agree but at the same time, for the future that means a mass exodus from fans. As for it being brokers, I think more likely it is the people who picked up a plan thinking they could sell their extra games and break even. Apparently for 5,000 or so of those fans, this is going to be a season in which they lose a lot of money and most likely don’t renew (we’re talking seats from the Upper Deck at $20 a pop down to the field level seats, all of which were going for right around face value this morning). With the Mets, that effect kicked in a year earlier. With the Giants and Jets, they both cannot sell out the premium seats and the Jets can’t even sell out the non PSL seats before the stadium even opens.

    I’m actually kinda glad about all of this as maybe just maybe these things will become more affordable to the average fan.

  6. I got a call from someone in the Mets ticket office today. It’s the third time this guy has called. 3 times to voice mail. I haven’t called him back at all. There’s nothing that they can sell me. I’ve never been a plan holder directly with the Mets, only a buyer of individual tickets, most of which I haven’t even bought directly from the Mets either. There wasn’t much this guy said in his voice mail. I really don’t remember the Mets calling more than once about tickets in all the years that I’ve been buying tickets.

    I walked up to the box office on Saturday for the game. I plan on doing that for most games that I’m going to this year (and most others will be group tickets or purchased from a friend). I’m really not planning many Mets games in advance this year. It’s more about how I feel about watching this club, watching a game at Citi Field, or the expenses involved with going to the park and the parking lot.

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